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  • schattenlid

    you have a great music taste

    Settembre 2011
  • nigromontanus

    Skullstep, raaaaahhhhhh!!!!

    Giugno 2008
  • MissCrack

    The Dresden dolls are pretty much amazing

    Maggio 2007
  • Celuie

    Balkan Beat Box sind uebrigens eh zur Zeit ganz ausgedehnt am Cruisen.. :) Falls es mit Vienne nichts wuerd: Am 8. Maerz in Duesseldorf, und am 9. Maerz in Koeln, die Germany Dates.. ;) Cheers, J.

    Marzo 2007
  • dkstelo

    who watches the watchmen?

    Febbraio 2007
  • Lucky_Shamrock

    Sick avatar :o)

    Settembre 2006
  • ThaDoomsta

    Hey dude, do you have any Nate Denver's Neck albums?

    Settembre 2006
  • megatoad

    Nice Rorschach icon from the Watchmen.

    Marzo 2006
  • schtef

    hehehe, that's cool... I haven't heard much of your stuff, what do you recommend?

    Febbraio 2006
  • schtef

    Hi, I'm trying to encourage a revolution in the CAKE group as the leader doesn't seems to use anymore. Please go to the groups politics tag and vote for the revolution!

    Febbraio 2006