Buckethead - Electric tears


Set 30 2006, 14:00

A great instrumental album from a great guitarist, Buckethead.
Actually I'm sure a lot of people could find it a little bit boring, because this record doesn't vary so much through the songs.
But the recording quality is excellent, the way they panned the acoustic and electric guitars, and the melodies are beautiful.
The title track, "Electric tears", reminds me of some ambientish stuff, like Donnacha Costello or Biosphere; "All in the waiting" is a great song, with two acoustic guitars and one electric guitar, a classical "acoustic guitar" song.
The whole album is very good in my opinion. I really suggest it to you all.


  • graham81

    Electric Tears is great, Colma and Population Override are both similar stiles, so you might want to check them out as well.

    Set 30 2006, 15:04
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