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Eventi del 2010

Martedì 23 Marzo 2010
Cobra StarshipConcert Tennis Indoor Senayan
Jakarta, Indonesia

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Domenica 20 Giugno 2010
Tribute To All Time Low
NanoBlast, Meet Me By Sunrise, Fresh To Act, Southern Penguins, Santos Surya, Last Minute Call, Grimmaze, The Rejected TeensConcert
Score, Cilandak Town Square
Jakarta, Indonesia

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Mercoledì 4 Agosto 2010
All Time Low LIVE
All Time LowConcert
Tennis Indoor Senayan
Jakarta, Indonesia

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Giovedì 23 Settembre 2010
The Maine, Forever The Sickest Kids and Hellogoodbye LIVE
The Maine, Hellogoodbye, Forever the Sickest KidsConcert
Tennis Indoor Senayan
Jakarta, Indonesia

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