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Set 22 2006, 20:47

Are you planning to visit Czech Republic or just want to know a some remarks about Czech artists I find worth attention? If so, you might like my brief description of twelve bands/singers performing in my country. This was originally meant to be just a shout for Marcslee, but then I realized a journal way would be more transparent. Because of the distributors' ignorance, there are no previews to the pieces I picked, thus I added a nice & apt video to some of them as a bonus.

12. Krucipüsk
I'll take it from the least listened to so far. This band is probably the roughest one from the whole list. I never believed I could possibly listen to , but their performance on a festival totally thrilled me. The frontman is a demon himself ;) I've listened only to their last album Druide: strong riffs, straight lyrics, everything as it should be. I don't really like the video, but there's none better uploaded :S
Highlights: Láska je kurva, Belzebub Disco
Video: Cesta

11. Umakart
Three guys from three different bands came together to make an album involving urban flatness, nostalgy, but also dreaming and hope. Very moody. Kinda similar to The Postal Service or Snow Patrol.
Highlights: Nic Se Nestalo, Senior Klub
Video: none :(

10. Iva Frühlingová
Some may find her lyrics empty, some may find her meretricious. The fact is that this charming girl's voice is amiable and her French gives the music a special feeling. Her songs vary between , and . As for the video: We do *not* use cyrillic, it's just for the aesthetics =)
Highlights: Latinka, Věřím
Video: La Muerte

9. Sunshine
Probably the most famous genuinely Czech band from the list (which doesn't make it world-famous, hah.. that is actually sad). Filthy lyrics, sound. Their video describes it better. With a bit of fantasy, I can compare their sound with The Faint.
Highlights: Lower Than Low, velvet suicide
Video: Victim Is Another Name for Lover

8. Khoiba
Another band of which I'm proud for being from my homeland =) The sadness and urgency of the singer's voice along with electro beats just blow my mind. Reminds me of earlier Björk's productions. Mostly for nightly listening purposes. The video includes parts of Czech movie Restart.
Highlights: That Reason, Facilities
Video: Pathetic

7. Lucie and Wanastowi Vjecy
I put these two together because the latter band is just a few guys from Lucie on their own project. Lucie split in Spring 2006. Being most famous in 90's, these bands produce songs with very strong melodies that Czechs tend to sing along as they hear them =) Even with four songs picked, it's hard not to mention more. Due to hints on using drugs, the video was banned on Czech TV's (how ridiculous).
Highlights: Sen, Hvězda, Vlkodlak, Kouzlo
Video: Medvídek

6. Tata Bojs
Yep, they are boys; often guesting female vocalists. These boys are highly talented, which, unfortunately for non-Czech speakers, is best perceptible from their lyrics. Apart from that, their music style varies a lot, lately it's mostly . Are they geniuses or psychoes? See the video and go figure ;)
Highlights: Vesmírná, Růžová armáda
Video: Attention aux hommes!

5. Wohnout
Maybe if I were a bit more pothead, I'd understand these guys better =) Their performance is a hell of a joy. With large support of the skateboarders community, Wohnout produces brisk music based mostly on splendidly sounding guitar riffs. They do all by themselves, including CD covers and videos like this one.
Highlights: Blázni, Muflon
Video: Ó, gramofón

4. Die Happy
Okay, they're not really Czech. I made this exception due to the fact the singer is :p The charisma and enthusiasm can be hardly heard from CD's, but their gigs are.. orgasmic. If you'll get a chance to see them alive, don't hesitate, you will not regret. The lyrics are not a big deal, the melody is way better. Reminds me of another German band, Guano Apes.
Highlights: Bitter To Better, Big Big Trouble
Video: Goodbye

3. Kryštof
When you produce a music involving love and feelings and (!) this music is radio-friendly, you're very likely be judged for it by your mates in here. From my point of view, the longer they write songs, the better the songs are. The last album wasn't very popular though. It might be described as the singer's confession of all his angers and sorrows, and it's got quite an experimental sound. I like it the most =) Got better vids than the mentioned one, but not on YouTube :S
Highlights: Pan Sen, Cosmo$trend
Video: Obchodník s deštěm

2. Vypsaná Fixa
I still don't really understand what exactly do I love so much about this band. Maybe it's the surrealistic lyrics, maybe it's the often melancholy hidden behind the frolic. I was growing up with their music, attending their gigs often. If I know one thing for sure, then it's the fact that these artists do their songs with pure passion, for it's their lives. There's not enough space in this journal to extend this ;)
Highlights: Samurajské meče, Letadlo
Video: Mažoretka

1. Chinaski
A definite proof that is my cup of tea. What are they special at? Well, you can't really find a very extraordinary sound there, nor lyrics. Their songs are about life - loves, fears, girls, alcohol, work, easiness - you name it. Why do I listen to them? Why not! :p Hah, I'm tired, okay =) Choose any their albums (6 + 1 Best Of) and you won't find many weak tunes on them. Maybe that's the reason why they're on top.
Highlights: Letím jako blázen, Serotonin
Video: 1970

So there you go! Hope you liked my lil Tour Guide and I'm looking forward to your comments (in English or Czech, preferably =) ).
Oh, and the last tip: Czech music is best served with a beaded mug of cold Czech beer ;)


  • osmystatocny

    hi man, great article, im sure it took lots of your time. but i appreciate this and i will try sometning from your list;) zvuk je inak priserny v niektorych videach. brr.

    Set 23 2006, 19:56
  • sioux7

    Díkes, osmystatocny! Určo vyzkoušej, proto jsem to vlastně psal, žjo ;) Se zvukem souhlasim, ale uploadovat ty videa od sebe, to už by mi z toho vážně hráblo =) Třeba se jednou dočkáme, že distributoři udělaj náhledy, jak je zvykem u každý slušný západní kapelky. Mimochodem, to vypadá hustě, musim na to ještě hodit oko. Zatim to vypadá příliš dobře, než aby to opravdu (dlouhodobě) fungovalo ;)

    Set 24 2006, 16:51
  • dalamanek

    super post, ne ze bych nejak vyrazne poslouchal bandy ktery zminujes, ale tvy zpracovani je fakt skvely... jen tak dal:)

    Ott 4 2006, 14:52
  • dalamanek

    Poland has a lot more good artists than we do. It is only my opinion, but we just cant match Skalpel, Ewa Braun, Pink Freud or Paktofonika... but as i said, its highly subjective:)

    Ott 9 2006, 14:09
  • osmystatocny

    to multiply je uplne v poho, zatial sa mi to tam stale drzi, aj ked ten koncert DM co tam mam je trosku problem pretoze dovoli stiahnut len prvych 40MB neregistrovanym userom :/ ale aj tak je to parada, zatial mi nic nezmazali a nikto ma nebuzeruje :)

    Nov 3 2006, 10:24
  • sioux7

    [quote]to multiply je uplne v poho, zatial sa mi to tam stale drzi, aj ked ten koncert DM co tam mam je trosku problem pretoze dovoli stiahnut len prvych 40MB neregistrovanym userom :/ ale aj tak je to parada, zatial mi nic nezmazali a nikto ma nebuzeruje :)[/quote] Souhlas, taky zatim spokojenost. Líbí se mi, že se to rovnou ukládá do playlistů, který fungujou jako odkaz, takže můžou lidi rovnou streamovat, co si tam pošlu za nádhery =)

    Nov 3 2006, 21:32
  • sioux7

    [quote]Well, there are some great artists in Poland, of course, I can also recommend Riverside, Kanał Audytywny, Tworzywo Sztuczne, Maria Peszek... but if I'm looking for electronic music I can find more interesting things in your country - OHM Square, Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, Khoiba, Colorfactory. And you have also XIII Stoleti which is very popular in my country :)[/quote] Hey, not that I'd know any Polish music, but yeah, it seems to me that we do have some good bands in this genre, thanks =) But still, imho music produced in here is much more listened to by people in general, which is probably the same in Poland.

    Nov 3 2006, 21:41
  • myf


    Gen 10 2007, 18:18
  • zayonchek

    diky ze jsi to napsal, jsem si te pridala do pratel abych se mohla pozdeji sem vratit kdyz budu moct neco stahnout (zrovna mi to nejak nefunguje), rada bych si poslouchala nejakou dobrou ceskou hudbu...vidim ze poslouchas podobnou hudbu jako ja, takze doufam ze ti nevadi to ze jsem te pridala? no tak posilam pozdravy z polska :-)

    Feb 13 2007, 19:07
  • Zette10

    a sem mrtvy jeste ted Pivooooooo, pivooooo, pivoooooo. Spadlo. :))))))

    Mar 17 2007, 20:21
  • temporary_peace

    a kde Helena Vondráčková ; ] ?? unfortunately I don't know other czech artists ; ]]

    Apr 8 2007, 22:05
  • stana

    for temporary_peace: so that is bad.. really bad :D pro autora: super žurnál :-)

    Mag 16 2007, 21:46
  • dhtstc100

    you know the saying? Pivo,burt a spekacek,to je spravny cechacek.

    Feb 29 2008, 21:55
  • m1aarge

    Něco bych přidala (EOST!!!) něco vynechala (Chinaski uhhhh), ale jinak hezký žurnál :) Když slyším Khoibu, taky na mě přijde ta hrdost ;)

    Dic 23 2009, 14:48
  • Petula108

    Začalo to tak dobře a skončilo tak špatně (Chinaski cože?!)... chybí mi tu opravdu Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, Scissorhand, Visáči a jiné... jinak si myslím, že se tu klube spousta dalších dobrých (nejen) regionálních projektů... stojí za to sledovat :) (co takhle Kazety, Veena, Sunflower Caravan?:) Souhlasím s Umakart, Khoiba, Tatabojs a Sunshine než se začali zaměřovat pouze na emo-kids.

    Dic 11 2010, 14:38
  • sioux7

    Podívej se na datum, kdy jsem to psal ;) Ono se to postupně stříbřilo. EOST jsem nikdy pořádně nedal šanci, ty musim dohnat už proto, že Muchowa fakt uznávám. A Visáči fakt nejsou moje krevní skupina. Kazety a Sunflower Caravan před čtyřma lety nič moč ;) A Sunshine právě tehdy sotva vydali Moonshower and Razorblades, který mi docela sedly. Řekni mi, kolik z tebou uvedenejch kapel jsi ve tvejch sedmnácti znala ;) Holt v době, kdy jsem se na registroval (2005) tu byla česká muzika (mimo ČR) dost alternativa, tak jsem chtěl trošku rozšířit povědomí…

    Dic 11 2010, 16:19
  • Petula108

    Ach, už to vidím! To jsem úplně zapomněla zohlednit... Každopádně v mých 17 letech Kazety ani Sunflower Caravan ani Scissorhands nebyly... Jinak jsem z toho znala vše ostatní... no fakt. A náhodou na Visáčích jsem vyrůstala :D ty bys měl dohnat hlavně! :D

    Dic 11 2010, 22:44
  • sioux7

    Tak tos byla slušná hudební znalkyně, poslyš! Mně hodně otevřelo oči až to lástefemko, páč čim náš v tomhle státě krmí ty širokopásmový média, z toho by kůň blil :) Visáči… puňk :S To prostě šlo vždycky víceméně mimo mě. Ale koukám, jaks oprášila Daft Punk (jsem na Tron dost zvědavej), znáš ten živák Alive 2007, co? To je nářez!

    Dic 11 2010, 23:11
  • Petula108

    Hele Tron bezkonkurenční :D Je to 3D komerční mainstreamová blbost, ale podle mě je to geniální a kultovní věc, už ta jednička mě nadchla... a ten živák nemám, jdu ho stáhnout!

    Dic 24 2010, 15:41
  • sioux7

    Určo se bude líbit, pátej a osmej track z Alive jsou nepopsatelnej nářez, to nemá šanci zklamat :) A Tron určo shlídnu, čet jsem si recenzi a má to přesně ty věci, co bych v tom chtěl :)

    Dic 24 2010, 22:49
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