Technology Of Silence and free music


Gen 14 2009, 10:36

If you know me or you have checked my profile page you'll know that I'm obsessed with the style of Silent Hill music... well by browsing the free mp3s recommendation I discovered a Group called Technology of Silence and now I'm loving it... as the group page points out is an ambient/experimental music project about a post apocalyptic city, now.. I love post apocalyptic settings, from pictures to games like Fallout... i love them all... so it comes by no surprise that I liked this group. It has the style of Akira Yamaoka in some songs, but not exactly, is something completely different that you won't hear anywhere else or at least not in the conventional radio ever, that's for sure.. It also has appeared on (LimREC018) Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album (2007) which is an album inspired by Silent Hill music

To say a few tracks you can listen to In Memory Of or to The Curved Theme that one's creepy :P oh also, Affectionate Song of Radiation The way i describe this one: "Is like watching a couple kissing in acid rain"

Technology of Silence sure is a fine example that, contrary to the popular opinion, free music doesn't equal shitty music, Come on! there's shitty music everywhere and Pretty god damn effing good music in both the Comercial Music and the Free music, But you probably won't like the style of this group because is not for everyone... but do yourself a favor and browse a little bit those free recommendation that gives you, there might be something just for you... completely free and legal, it just takes 5 minutes to listen to a song, you'll most likely find a group that you like, go to their website and download their albums anyways.

I really like the approach has taken by recomending free music... is the maximum expression of the internet, SHARE THE CULTURE! but in a legal way!


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