Buying records overseas...


Ago 24 2007, 1:06

Just got back from a little holiday overseas and of course, i came back with a stack of stuff in exchange for pretty much all the money i have in the world. I managed to restrain my record buying to a certain extent, but I'm kinda glad because it's a quality haul. Probably the best stack of records I've ever come home with and I'm currently enjoying them whilst catching up with myself at home today. So here they are;

Madlib - Mind Fusion Vol. 4

Biosphere - Autour De La Lune

Ivor Cutler - Velvet Donkey

Kid 606 - The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You The Fucking Jams

Wolf Eyes - Slicer

Gang Gang Dance - God's Money

Jackie-O Motherfucker - America Mystica

Growing/Mark Evan Burden - Split

Boredoms - Super Roots 9

Pelican - City of Echoes (Japanese CD/DVD version)

Keiji Haino with Boris - Black: Implication Flooding


*bakes in the light winter sun*



  • AppleKabukiSuri

    Groovy bunch of records you picked up there :D

    Ago 24 2007, 11:11
  • simonjk

    thanks dude, you got pretty sweeto taste goin on yourself. if i wasn't so exhausted and jetlagged and stuff i'd totally go to that gig at the arthouse tonight too, how good?!

    Ago 25 2007, 8:40

    you could have bought this on ebay you know

    Ago 26 2007, 0:19
  • simonjk

    yeah, i know. i coulda bought them anywhere, but it's fun to buy records on holiday and browse through nice selections in nice stores in other cities. i was just pretty happy with the haul in general, it's a nice mix of stuff more than anything else.

    Ago 27 2007, 2:41
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