• when you will know ?

    Feb 13 2012, 16:45

    Now that they can hunt for Earth sized planets 2 things they omit.First chlorafil (spelling wrong) second protien.Never found yet in all the universe.one absolute in that plant life is not with out it and the other for animal life.So until you hear of the discovery of those two things life is not !The outcome of these two questions is essential ...otherwise it's just blowing smoke where the sun don't shine. another random thought Stephan
  • Zero Point Energy

    Feb 5 2012, 21:25

    Well doesn't that sound like scence fiction,wrong it's very real.ZPE is the energy found in the physicl vacume of space.It's power potential is beyond amazing.1 cubic centimeter of space has the power potential of 100,000,000 Suns for 100,000,000 years.I refer you to the research of Barry Setterfield and the ministry of Chuck M issler who believes that you should take God at HIS Word always.
    Please I am not always the most serious of persons but what I ever write in these journal entries is most important...
    Shalom Stephan
  • Prophecy in Genesis 5 !!!

    Ott 10 2010, 2:22

    The names ae not trans lated but transliterated .
    this proven by famous teachers and lat persons be like the church at berea Acts 17:11 pleeze alright here it is !
    Seth-turns their faces towards
    Enosh-And are appointed mortal , grevious sorrow
    Kenan-to lament and to mourn
    Mahalalel-GOD who is praised
    Jared-comes down
    Enoch-to instruct and to consecrate,
    Methuselah-He is sent forth as a pophet-Priest
    Lamech-to be smitten,and scourged and to die
    Noah-to give rest and security , a quiet attitude of peace (shalom)
    well that is amazing a prophecy of the New Testament and OUR PLIGHT which was forever changed in Jesus Messiah
    does anyone think the Rabbi's put a prophecy in Genesis 5 of their hallowed Torah..Think not.......
  • In 6 Days..pt. 1

    Set 18 2010, 19:32

    My belief in the supernatural creation of this world in 6 daysis as follows.The theory of evolution is not a scientifically sound as many believe.In particular, the problem of the origin of life is well stated by the ?"Which came first the chicken or the egg?" Every egg anyone has ever see was laid by a chicken and every chicken was hatched from an egg.
    So from my reading I understandthat the fossill recordhas failed to produce any intermediate forms of life required by Darwin himself makes the whole theory a moot point.Darwin himself said in his book that if any part of my theory is proven WRONG then all of it is wrong !
    So why do they still shove this down our mouths.is it because they have most every school in its pocket not to mention all media and our government.I'LL leave part 1 of this expose with this not but 2 years ago a T-Rex was recovered a large bone broke and inside was found blood and veins,in other words DNA. part 2 soon
  • random thought

    Mar 20 2010, 11:56

    21 ounces.......what is that a big steak or large coke ??? It's how much weight you lose at the moment of death..........the soul per-chance.......so where does it go ??? so many stories of the light.....but others of a nightmare beyond belief.....so what do you think ? you can really know if you want.......just a random thought !