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ElbowFly Boy Blue / Lunette Brano preferito 23 Ago 19:52
ElbowNew York Morning Brano preferito 23 Ago 19:34
ElbowFly Boy Blue / Lunette Brano preferito 23 Ago 19:27
ElbowCharge Brano preferito 23 Ago 19:22
ElbowReal Life (Angel) 23 Ago 19:15
ElbowNew York Morning Brano preferito 23 Ago 19:10
ElbowHoney Sun 23 Ago 19:02
ElbowReal Life (Angel) 23 Ago 18:55
ElbowNew York Morning Brano preferito 23 Ago 18:50
ElbowFly Boy Blue / Lunette Brano preferito 23 Ago 18:43
ElbowReal Life (Angel) 23 Ago 8:08
ElbowNew York Morning Brano preferito 23 Ago 8:03
ElbowFly Boy Blue / Lunette Brano preferito 23 Ago 7:59
ElbowCharge Brano preferito 23 Ago 7:54
ElbowReal Life (Angel) 23 Ago 7:47
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  • Strokarlos

    well... I thought the same about you. You didn't answer my messages in whatsapp so you were probably ignoring me ...again. Me!? just doing almost the same, some small shows, job interviews, work...that kind of things. What about you... did you go to england or nyc? like you said to me before.

    9 Giu 5:08 Rispondi
  • Strokarlos

    ¡Hola! Te he extrañado mucho... ¿Cómo te ha ido?

    9 Giu 4:43 Rispondi
  • Strokarlos

    Hey! got a lot to tell you about the show yesterday, are you gonna be online tonight?

    10 Mar 2:56 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    Why weird? And had a fantastic time! I lost it when they played Lion's Share. They were amazing!!!

    8 Mar 0:05 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    THEY ARE???? THAT'S MY FAVORITE VENUE. GREAT BAND + FAVORITE VENUE = HAPPY JASON. I do hope that means they have merch though. It's ridiculous that they don't. Like, hi I'm trying to give you my money. Please take it.

    7 Mar 18:16 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    They didn't have any the last time I saw them either. UGH.

    7 Mar 17:15 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    I WANT A SHIRT TOO. I wanted one with the Smother artwork but they had none! And I really want to hear Daughters, Pregnant Pause, Mecca, and THE WHOLE THING.

    26 Feb 20:16 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    I JUST PICKED UP THE VINYL RECORD AND IT SOUNDS LIKE GOLD!!! And I don't know but probably early. At around 3 or so but that's because we want to hit up some bars beforehand. I can't believe it's next week!

    26 Feb 0:10 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    Hah! Not at all but I'm definitely going to buy it. It's too beautiful. I agree on the songs being too short but maybe they'll play more songs because of it? I can dream, right? I'm really really really happy with it. I want it to be night of the show already!

    18 Feb 15:12 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    Also, Mecca is the greatest thing of my life right now. That song is sooooooo freaking good.

    18 Feb 7:30 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    Not too horrible... I'm gonna buy it too, haha. IT'S AMAZING THOUGH. I NEED THE VINYL RELEASE NOW. THE ALBUM IS COMPLETELY BEAUTIFUL. It surpassed my expectations.

    18 Feb 7:21 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    Yes! I can't wait for it to drop. It's gonna be fantastic! AND THE LIVE SHOW. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THEY DO WITH IT THIS TIME!!!!

    15 Feb 20:29 Rispondi
  • Strokarlos

    ¡SHELLY! * ^ *)/ I've missed you a lot fact! I was listening to Wild Nothing when I notice your shout here in and that was really cool 'cause that's a band you shared me and makes me think on you. I apologize but I've been really busy these days at the office, please don't get mad at me u__u I was online yesterday at night hoping to see you there but you didn't show up, I'll be again online tonight I wanna know about you.

    15 Feb 0:36 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5


    14 Feb 0:39 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    That's a really good question. I don't know who's opening but I know they're for sure playing All the King's Men and Bed of Nails. I saw a setlist of one of their more recent shows so yay! Fingers crossed for Lion's Share and Plaything!

    3 Feb 23:23 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    Definitely Lion's Share, All the King's Men, Albatross, Plaything, The Fun Powder Plot, and When I'm Sleepy. Mainly Lion's Share though. I love that song so freaking much. They didn't play it at Coachella 2012. I was sad about that. I'd love to see Bed of Nails live too. That song is beautiful.

    2 Feb 0:18 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    I agree. I hope they stick to the darker sound 'cause it's working for them. I also didn't care much for their first album. It's alright but nothing to Two Dancers or Smother (<333). You're gonna love them live. I saw them at The Echoplex a couple years ago. Completely amazing. They opened with Lion's Share and I died.

    1 Feb 23:58 Rispondi
  • reddeathb5

    Suuuuper stoked. I can't wait. What did you think of the new song? I loved it!

    1 Feb 5:55 Rispondi
  • Strokarlos

    Yep! just them and coachella, no more shows for me for the last months. You got that Mayer Hawthorne show tonight, are you excited?

    31 Gen 20:01 Rispondi
  • ivanlazaro

    One friend told me yesterday that NIN and QOTSA will be at 99% in Primavera Sound! I think Depeche Mode will be at Outside Lands because after the European Tour they should do festivals in USA, last year they did festivals in Europe. I think Outkast will be too, Outkast will be everywhere, I read that they will do more than 40 festivals!! and the Chameleons concert was announced this week, I discovered them in Primavera Sound 2012 and they were awesome. They will be doing a dlb of "Script of the bridge", my favourite album. I saw Jessie Ware too!! And for me Sutro Stage is one of the best, I was there a lot of time (Camper Van Beethoven, Milo Greene, Chic ft Nile Rodgers, and other that I dont remeber now)

    18 Gen 8:29 Rispondi
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