• First Lines from songs, guess the song/artist name ;-)

    Giu 14 2006, 22:39

    Right, So I put my library on shuffle, and pick out the first lines, of the first ten songs that come on, yes, I'm incredibly bored, and not expecting anyone to get any of them, or bother to reply lol...

    (actually, it came out with nearly all the non-obscure things I listen to, so it should be easy...)

    Googling is cheating.

    1 - "Of all the things I believed in, I just want to get it over with"
    Goodbye to You

    2 - "Now here you go again you say, you want your freedom"
    Dreams feat. Stevie Nicks [Chuck Barrett Radio Edit]

    3 - "Never saw it as the start, it's more a change of heart"
    The Day We Caught the Train

    4 - "Getting too busy to make amends, I should try to make it right"
    Ways & Means

    5 - "Baby, let me, be me. Those were, the words you, gave me."
    Put 'Em High Feat. Therese

    6 - "Coming out of my cage"
    Mr Brightside

    7 - "I sit and wait"

    8 - "Hey, are you lonely?"

    9 - "When I'm low, and I'm weak, and I'm lost"
    Check The Meaning

    10 - "So at my show on Monday"
    She Moves in Her Own Way
  • Fix your iPod by throwing it away... Literally?

    Mag 26 2006, 11:27

    Now I'm not a fan of Blogging, at all... but...

    Appears on my iPod screen randomly after totally locking up for no apparent reason, and wouldn't reset, or go into disk mode.

    Tried the usual "leave battery to drain and recharge" trick, and still, wouldn't go into disk mode... so after about 48 hours, I got a bit fed up, and pelted the damn thing against my sofa (wouldn't want to mark it of course) and to my surprise, the backlight kicks on, apple logo glows on the screen, and Goo Goo Dolls' Iris comes back on, exactly where it stopped to begin with...

    Now i'm sure it's just got something to do with jolting the hard drive back to life, but was wondering if anyone else has had the same thing happen?

    If not, it's just pure insane luck... Lol...