First Lines from songs, guess the song/artist name ;-)


Giu 14 2006, 22:39

Right, So I put my library on shuffle, and pick out the first lines, of the first ten songs that come on, yes, I'm incredibly bored, and not expecting anyone to get any of them, or bother to reply lol...

(actually, it came out with nearly all the non-obscure things I listen to, so it should be easy...)

Googling is cheating.

1 - "Of all the things I believed in, I just want to get it over with"
Goodbye to You

2 - "Now here you go again you say, you want your freedom"
Dreams feat. Stevie Nicks [Chuck Barrett Radio Edit]

3 - "Never saw it as the start, it's more a change of heart"
The Day We Caught the Train

4 - "Getting too busy to make amends, I should try to make it right"
Ways & Means

5 - "Baby, let me, be me. Those were, the words you, gave me."
Put 'Em High Feat. Therese

6 - "Coming out of my cage"
Mr Brightside

7 - "I sit and wait"

8 - "Hey, are you lonely?"

9 - "When I'm low, and I'm weak, and I'm lost"
Check The Meaning

10 - "So at my show on Monday"
She Moves in Her Own Way


  • Desiderata03

    6. The Killers - Mr. Brightside 3 and 4 sound familiar but I can't put a name to them.

    Giu 14 2006, 22:51
  • ImaginaryPeanut

    4. Ways and Means - Snow Patrol

    Giu 14 2006, 23:17
  • dew22

    8. Remy Zero - Fair... from the garden state soundtrack, which is an awesome soundtrack, and song

    Giu 15 2006, 6:47
  • nieko_ner

    7th sounds like Angels by, er... Robbie Williams.

    Giu 16 2006, 15:10

    Number 1 is Michelle Branch I think Goodbye To You. But I'm not sure.

    Giu 17 2006, 19:58
  • okelly70

    Number 3 is The Day We Caught The Train by Ocean Colour Scene.

    Giu 21 2006, 16:15
  • cheesyfeet

    Number 2 is Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

    Giu 22 2006, 13:37
  • sheermonkey

    Although it was the Deep Dish version that actually came on shuffle :-)

    Giu 22 2006, 14:47
  • sheermonkey

    *bump* Still need number 5, 9, and 10, someone must know them... especially 10 ;-)

    Lug 7 2006, 12:37
  • carldavies

    Cheeck the Meaniingg bye mr. Richard Ashcroft, im drunk and i know it!!!! lol i wins

    Lug 12 2006, 22:37
  • carldavies

    The Kooks - She Moves in Her Own Way carl is owns

    Lug 12 2006, 22:43
  • sheermonkey

    Heheh... mate I can't believe you just signed up just to post in my journal ;-) Only number 5 to go now, then I'll do another lol...

    Lug 12 2006, 22:46
  • sheermonkey

    :-D I'm going to have to do another now... yay lol

    Lug 27 2006, 13:36
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