• Epic

    Nov 14 2012, 16:41

    Two Steps from Hell
    Immediate Music
    Hans Zimmer
    Brand X Music
    Thomas Bergersen
    Epic Score
    X-Ray Dog
    City of the Fallen
    Future World Music
  • Ambient

    Ott 5 2012, 13:15


    Steve Roach
    Robert Rich
    Max Corbacho
    A Produce
    Brian Parnham
    Vir Unis
    Thom Brennan
    Mathias Grassow
    Klaus Wiese
    Vidna Obmana

    Alio Die
    Brian Eno
    William Basinski
    Andrew Chalk
    Stars of the lid
    3 seconds of air
    Keith Berry
    Tor Lundvall
    Tim Hecker
    Ben Frost
    Lawrence English
    Chihei Hatakeyama
    Thomas Koner
    Robin Guthrie
    Oren Ambarchi
    Aidan Baker

    The 25 Most Influential Ambient Albums Of All Time
    Brian Eno — Ambient 1: Music for Airports
    Steve Roach — Dreamtime Return
    Wendy Carlos — Sonic Seasonings
    Steve Roach — Structures from Silence
    Michael Stearns — Planetary Unfolding
    Brian Eno — Ambient 4: On Land
    Jonn Serrie — And the Stars Go With You
    Terry Riley — A Rainbow in Curved Air
    Harold Budd, Brian Eno — The Pearl
    Steve Hillage — Rainbow Dome Musick
    Paul Horn — Inside the Taj Mahal
    Tangerine Dream — Rubycon
    Harold Budd, Brian Eno — Ambient Two: The Plateaux of Mirror
    Klaus Schulze — Mirage
    Aphex Twin — Selected Ambient Works Volume 2
    Klaus Schulze — Timewind
    Tangerine Dream — Phaedra
    Steve Reich — Music for 18 Musicians
    Mike Oldfield — Tubular Bells
    Miles Davis — In a Silent Way
    Ashra — New Age of Earth
    Global Communication — 76:14
    The Orb — The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
    Constance Demby — Novus Magnificat
    Peter Gabriel — Passion