Dear Indie Artists of Last.FM


Mar 12 2008, 8:44

You will be the death of me XD

However, I completely enjoy most of, if not all music that you have created.

just a few of my favorite tracks of far more than I can post;

Forgotten Past
Climbing the Peak
The Sounds of Time (Reprise)
Listen for the mountains
The Spiral Staircase
Forgotten Past
The Sounds of Time
dREaM State
Monkies In the Temple
Do You See Me Now

and because I can't possibly list every track, here are but a few of my favorite artists;

Krackatoa; Felixdroid; Ben Barden; Tim Doyle; Pixieguts; 8m2stereo; Celestial Aeon Project; Project Divinity; Frozen Silence;
Sulatus; Shaun MacGowan; C.P. McDill; Angtoria; Gilles Mathieu; Remergence;

Oh so many more... thank you for all the wonderful and insperational music :) I love you guys ♥
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Chez Musinum


  • Michikawa

    Thank you :) Glad to hear the soundscapes have offered enjoyable moments! Best wishes from Finland! -Matti (Celestial Aeon Project, Frozen Silence and Project Divinity)

    Mar 12 2008, 17:06
  • 8m2stereo

    .. thanks a lot .. i must say that i also highly enjoy the company and activities of so many only recently discovered music sharing artists on this site .. best, from köln, e.

    Mar 12 2008, 18:39
  • Krackatoa

    thanks for your recommendation :)will be checking out some of your other fav artists for sure :)

    Mar 12 2008, 22:42
  • Korsrol

    Thanks for including me in this list :D

    Mar 13 2008, 13:03
  • Pixieguts

    Cheerz for the mention and like the company I'm keeping in your list :)

    Mar 14 2008, 5:27
  • sotww

    Honored to be in here, especially because most of your indie favs are my favorite too :) I'll check asap the ones I don't know yet, great chances I'll like them too. Cheers, Gilles a.k.a Gilles Mathieu

    Mar 14 2008, 14:28
  • cpmcdill

    Thank you for the mention! Some more new tracks will be added very soon; hope you like those as well...

    Mar 20 2008, 21:22
  • impronen

    If you want more, take a peek at The Music Maker Society, a group for music makers. Gilles Mathieu is our current featured artist and inside you'll find many more.

    Mar 21 2008, 14:22
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