Amarok 1.4.3 released!


Set 5 2006, 14:08

Amarok 1.4.3 has just been released with several important improvements! Playlist saving time is now many times faster, especially for large playlists. iTunes music sharing client support has been improved, now supporting ZeroConf/Rendezvous so local music shares show up automatically! integration is rock solid, and Amarok File Tracking has been released as well!

Check it out:
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  • therobbot

    Hi, as always, great work. It keeps getting better and better! Still I think there are a couple of things lacking that the player has: It should display my tags so I can play personal tag radio (subscriber). It should have the ability to tag/untag artists/albums/tracks. It should display my neighbours and have the ability to play there personal radio. Maybe it should also have the possibility to right click on an artist (anywhere) and create a custom station from it. I don't know how hard it would be to implement these things... but it would be amazing because it would make the player obsolete. Thanks for making this great program and all the time and effort you put into it. It's really appreciated! Tobias

    Set 6 2006, 9:31
  • therobbot

    sorry, didn't mean to post this here. Thought this was the forum. :)

    Set 6 2006, 9:33
  • happydufus

    [quote]It should display my tags so I can play personal tag radio[/quote] er...if you copy the link address for your tags you can add them to Amarok as a radio stream (in the playlist tab).

    Set 11 2006, 12:51
  • iesonagata

    Amarok 'Fast Forward' 1.4.4 download

    Dic 16 2006, 8:53
  • alka-seltzer

    i've just emerged 1.4.4. happy listening to all :]

    Gen 10 2007, 21:37
  • elvez

    Still using 1.4.3, downgraded from more recent versions which were slower and buggy.

    Mar 22 2007, 23:35
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