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Set 16 2007, 9:50

I found out, that living without all that brainwashing media like TV and radio makes hard to do some things like being updated with latest music. Probably, these media sources are the most easy and effective to provide not only a melody, but a hint to find the song in Internet - sometimes, DJ tells the song name, sometimes the group, sometimes the position in the chart and you can easily find this chart as soon as you know radio station. On TV it is much more easier than on radio - in most cases, there are titles. Or finally, radio and TV just repeats the song and you can try to understand words and find the composition by lyrics.

But hearing a song once or twice, but anyway only occasionaly - hard to identify it. And also, if the song is not in the language you know - for me it's Russian, English and French a little, the task is almost impossible.

Ok, back to point: another one way to get new music is similar to TV - movies. So last discoveris I've made:
What Else Is There? (I don't remember the title of the movie), and There Is An End from Broken Flowers movie and the whole Broken Flowers soundtrack.

Finally, I found out a very sad thing, at least for the Royksopp: Royksopp is an electronic band with quite a different music from What Else Is There?, I've listened the whole album The Understanding, but didn't like anything there besides this one composition. I found out, that What Else Is There? is starring Karin Dreijer, but her music in The Knife is also electronic and also a very different from what I like. So, both these bands, do something and combined together they do something different, but only one song.

Probably, for The Greenhornes and its There Is An End that starring Holly Golightly is the same story, I haven't yet heard the rest of an album - it would be sad.

PS: I cannot say Broken Flowers movie is a great, but episodes of car-driving round America with that music - yeah, it's really great!!!


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