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Dic 6 2007, 22:06

In this podcast episode, the broken kids of the Schwagcast present independent music from Poundcake, Brain Buckit, 46bliss, The Reverse Engineers, Graniam, and Amplifico.

Show Notes for Schwagcast Number XLVI
Modules of Insanity
This AudCast is worksafe.
October 11, 2007
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Sleep. Eat. Listen. Repeat.

All songs provided by the Podsafe Music Network.
Check them out at

Hosted by boB, Jerry, and Kevin
Featuring the voice talents of Ken Tankeriss
jerry.mallen @
bobhughesmusic @
Recorded by Phase One Productions; Binghamton, New York
Recorded and Produced in Phase Two Studios

As heard on Schwagcast #46:
"Kick The Can" from Aloha Via Satellite by Poundcake
© Copyright 2006 Poundcake

"Rocket Science" from the Brain Buckit album by Brain Buckit
© Copyright 2005 Chris Kelley

"The Way You Are" by 46bliss
© Copyright 2007 46bliss

"Mercury In Retrograde" from the Max Q album by The Reverse Engineers
© Copyright 2007 The Reverse Engineers

"Mark My Words" from the On My Own Two Feet album by Granian
© Copyright 2004 Granian

"Flutter" by Amplifico
© Copyright 2007 Amplifico

"Black Coffee" by Aramitsu
© Copyright 2007 Aramitsu

Schwagcast Banter:
* Fresh Media Works
* 100 Year Picnic (Jeff Greenberg) sings the Schwagcast Theme song
* Beaver Stadium and college football
* Jerry loses his glasses on St. Anne's Peak on the Devil's Path
* 3500club Yahoo! group for the Catskill 3500 club
* Shoutout from The Dropzines,
* Exit From Main Street Episode #2,
* Jerry waiting for a segue
* Henceforth; conversations go in circles
* Jerry becomes entangled in wires
* Shoutout from ANEMO,
[[ Bed music: "Black Coffee" by Aramitsu ]]
* "Black Coffee" will be featured on Exit From Main Street Episode #2,
* boB gets an idea
* Shoutout from The Velmas,
* Three glitches
* GoDaddy is the new web site hosting provider
* Shoutout from Common Ground,
* Jerry talks in figure eights
* Kimmi is doing CD reviews, check out
* Promo for LoveHouse Radio,
* Promo for JC Hutchins' audio book, 7th Son,
* Proudly listed on Podcast Pickle,
* Call the Schwagcast Listener Line at 206.350.4763 and leave a message in the form of "If the Schwagcast was a _____________, it'd be a ___________" so we can include your voice on an upcoming Schwagcast.
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