Big Day Out 2006


Feb 7 2006, 1:39

Welcome to Australia's premier music festival! This is my very first BDO (crazy I know) as I'm usually overseas for Chinese New Year with my family around this time. This year BDO fell on the 7th day of Chinese New Year (there are 10) so I celebrated in the best way - with bands! Whoop!

First cap off the rank were Wolf & Cub. Hadn't heard much of their stuff but had heard good things so I was pretty expectant. Well, they were different. I liked the way they managed to get beats that usually only come from drum machines (having 2 drummers helps) but yet maintained a very rock sound. Overall, pretty good and I'd like to listen to some of their recorded tracks (even though Hew thought they were better live than recorded).

Next were Youth Group. I'd heard mixed reviews so I wanted to see them and judge for myself. I'd had a spin of their cd Skeleton Jar which was just ok but live they were suprisingly good. The only thing that annoyed me was the "I can't wait for them to play Forever Young" by people who had heard it on the OC - therefore only song they knew. I do have to admit though, it was a very pretty and sweet cover - very OC, with emotions in all the right places ;) The whole set had emotions in all the right places – very nice.

Talking about the OC, I was wearing my 'Tijuana Lady' top which is a reference to the song Tijuana Lady, my favourite track by my favourite artist (which they've never played live anywhere but Tijuana, Mexico - I love that!). My friend came up to me with 'Is that an OC shirt? They went there on holiday..." ARGH! no... But it was ok, Ankur gave me his Rage Against the Machine badge to counteract the OC crappiness :)

Anyway, after Youth Group I caught the last half of Gerling (sans backpacks). They looked much older than I remembered and I didn't recognise any of the songs I heard - they don't really play their old popular tracks do they? But they were a rockin' good time - they basically abused the crowd until they got into it, which is always pretty funny. And then they got out the giant inflatable beach-balls and K.K. Juggy (who had her own burlesque show) from Machine Gun Fellatio joined them on stage and got her boobies out - highlight of their performance. She'd decorated herself with 2 little 'spy disguise' masks (the ones with the black moustaches and black rimmed glasses) and her nipples were their noses. Highly funny. maybe not the highlight, but it definately got the ppl in the crowd pumped :) And I had a good boogie!

The Grates! Hurrah! Patience is such a ball of jumping goodness and I enjoy their rocking girlyness! I really enjoyed their EP The Ouch. The Touch. [EP] and had had it on repeat for the last few days. That and I'd had Message stuck in my head all morning. They were oodles of fun and I'd definately go see them again and jump about with them, they've got such catchy, fun tunes.

It was either The Subways or Mudvayne so I obviously chose The Subways. I'd listened to their album and liked it, but not enough so I could sing along and I think that detracted from their performance. They played solid indie rock but I just couldn't get into it. I think I was hungry as well and that probably didn't help. Ankur did make the call that he now had found his new hot chick from rock and he's right. Their bass player was a tiny, little, sexy powerhouse of rock!

Lunch beat Sleater-Kinney which is a but of a bummer as I was looking forward to them but my stomach had spoken and so we listened from a distance.

I pulled Dan-boy out of the Boiler room for lunch (and secretly Sarah Blasko!) and I won and he stayed and cuddled through the performance. Sarah Blasko was better than I expected. I expected her and a guitar (which I got) but she was also backed with keys, drums, bass and also had some mixing as well which made the performance extra-special. I love it when the performance is different from the album, makes seeing them live worth it - and this was definitely worth it! Her cover of Flame Trees makes me swoon even more live...

M.I.A. is definately my music of the moment and I'm totally digging her. She came on way late (10 minutes?) and finished early (10 minutes) and her DJ and his equipment died 3 times during Sunshowers but she still put on a booty-shaking set and I shook until I could shake no more. She even managed to mix in 'Baby Got Back' and some other tunes which got the crowd shaking. My favourite track for the day 10 Dollar was brilliant and 2 days later I'm still liable to break out into "what can you get for 10 dollar? anything you want" at any moment :)

I then rushed to catch The Kings Of Leon but being late gave me a pretty crappy position outside the D (mosh pit barrier). I heard Molly's Chambers and I was satiated. Yes, the Kings are one of my fave bands but my reasoning is they're massive (and therefore will hopefully be back), I was far away and couldn’t see a thing and the sound where I was standing was below par so I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and left for The Go Team.

I think the best discription for this band is chaotic. They also have 2 drummers (a new trend?) and used them well. They were highly entertaining and had the whole crowd interaction thing working a treat - best interaction I'd seen in a while. Their singles Ladyflash and Bottle Rocket were amazingly amazing but other songs were just too chaotic and just didn't have that quality. Overall though, brilliant performers.

Weren't too fussed missing with the Living End (seen them too many times) so used their set to get into pole position for Franz Ferdinand. I do like their new stuff though, very much a step away from the punk days and quite 80s brit-rock. I think it's a good direction for the band to go - if somewhat cheesy.

I don't think I was expecting too much from Franz Ferdinand. I adored their first album but was pertty meh about the follow up. They did put on a solid performance and the mosh was satisfied. On another note, the mosh was the most gentle I'd ever been in - full of tiny people, poor tiny people.

After Franz Ferdinand finished we surged through the crowd of tiny people and managed to score ourselvs front row The Stooges places! YAY! Can I say hands down this was my best performance of the day. I felt like I was part of a rock legend. Iggy Pop has the body of a teenager and the face of an old guy but for an old guy he had the most energy I'd seen all day. He went off! He was all over the stage and in everyones faces and that's the way we like it! I Wanna Be Your Dog was pure rock essence, bottled and sold and the crowd lapped up every drop. I almost got the chance to dance with Iggy Pop on stage - I was lifted over the barrier and just as I got to the steps of the stage they said "no more people". noooo!!!... so I jumped the barrier back into the mosh and crossed it to my friends. Iggy Pop? hell yeah!

After Iggy, we made out way through the mosh back to the other stage to see the White Stripes. You know what? meh. I love the White Stripes and their performance was good but not great and definitely not White Stripes standard. Maybe because I don't like the direction the new album went in but I thought the performance they gave in 2003 beat the pants off this one.

During their final song Seven Nation Army we started to move back and just as the finished we turned around to a lights spectacular. Awsome. The night was finished off with 2 Many DJ's who put on a magnificent set mixing everything from Ween to Wolfmother. They played so wicked drum and bass and I danced until my exhausted body could move no more and then I did the "head nod". Finishing with the Aussie classic You Shook Me All Night Long, 2 Many DJ's shook me all night long.

This journal entry is epic. Congratulation for reading this far.

The end.


  • supergurg

    congrats on a great review schef :D sounds like you had an awesome time!

    Feb 7 2006, 1:55
  • schtef

    wow, I can't believe you actually read it all! kudos to you :)

    Feb 7 2006, 2:09
  • M3gaBight

    Great review. I hope Kings of Leon come back too, they seemed a bit pissed off about playing into the sun, they looked really uncomfortable. Although I would've liked to have seen The Go! Team as all reviews I've read about them have been really good I'm not too fussed as I managed to get a prime possition for The Living End. I'm hoping The White Stripes will come back and play a smaller venue. One of the problems with their shows lately is that most of the people seeing them only know My Doorbell, Seven nation army and maybe some other stuff from Get Behind Me Satan, I was going nuts over their older tracks (Screwdriver was great) and alot of people around me didn't really know some of the tracks.

    Feb 7 2006, 2:47
  • schtef

    see, in the mosh of the white stripes you're with the die-hard fans. So not knowing songs wasn't an issue. They've changed their performance style so much. When I saw them in 2003 they were all about the music. Each song melded into the next and it was a stompin' good time. This time round they intereacted with the crowd a lot more (which is good) but the way they played seemed more self-serving. They wanted to experiment and that's the way they performed - like a big jam session. It was no longer about their music but them just fucking about - which is a pity as his Marimba or piano songs just don't comapare to anything from the older albums. I love them but was actually kind of disappointed. Put it this way, they were only just worth the 2 mosh pit fights I got into in their mosh :)

    Feb 7 2006, 2:56
  • dk13

    Glad you mentioned the short people in the Franz mosh. Adelaide was the same! It was great, awesome view of Alex and co from over the top of a bunch of short chicks :P

    Feb 7 2006, 3:32
  • euphemist

    aaah to be 21 and so energetic. i wish i had the vigor and stamina to keep up. if i accompanied you to a festival, youd need to pull me along in a wagon. sounds absolutely amazing darling! kudos to you for the reviews :)!!! oh and gung hay fat choy! x

    Feb 7 2006, 3:56
  • simv

    Excellent review as usual Schtef. Yes, White Stripes were somewhat disappointing, plus it didn't help having a cock bite in front of us going off like a frog in a sock OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY PLAYED 7 NATION ARMY, OOOH MYYYY GOOOOODD Loser. The Chaos of the Go Team! is what I love. They were definately the highlight of my day as I put in my journal In regards to Youth Group, I do find them so much better in a live setting than the studio. I used to play cards with Toby and Dan from Youth Group a few years back in Sydney. Go Fellas!

    Feb 7 2006, 4:09
  • schtef

    Thank you! *curtsies* dk13: gentle, all aged, happy-music moshes are good for short people. But there's something enjoyable about 'fun' moshpits like Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, The Hives ;) euphemist: So many questions! How old are you actually? why do you take photos of ppl? Are you a photographer and that's how you get free entry to gigs? Are you Asian/Chinese/the girl in the photo? If so where are you from? hmm, you speak Cantonese so Hong Kong? I speak Mandarin so Gong Xi Fa Chai :) this probably should have been a personal message but it's more fun this way... simv: wwooo, nice name drop! I'm suitably impressed :) I think musical chaos is a 2 edged sword, sometimes you can overwhelm the song (the sum of its parts is greater than the whole) like the new second last song by the Go! Team was just too much for me yet I think if they simplified it a little I'd feel less overwhelmed. And then they finished on an absolute brilliant jam of Ladyflash. oh yeah...

    Feb 7 2006, 5:00
  • euphemist

    [quote]euphemist: So many questions! How old are you actually? why do you take photos of ppl? Are you a photographer and that's how you get free entry to gigs? Are you Asian/Chinese/the girl in the photo? If so where are you from? hmm, you speak Cantonese so Hong Kong? I speak Mandarin so Gong Xi Fa Chai :) this probably should have been a personal message but it's more fun this way...[/quote] age: -63 (from profile) girl in pic: sadly, that is me photographer?: amateur photographer (bands)/ i model here and there (if the moneys enticing enough) ethnic origin: 1/2 catonese 1/4 belgian 1/4 laotian language: just english. i totally fake the chinese. my familys not proud of that :(

    Feb 7 2006, 5:56
  • pike33

    excellent review. yeah i read it all! you pretty much saw the same bands/acts as i did for the sydney one, but what happened to the magic numbers? did they no make it to perth?

    Feb 7 2006, 14:35
  • linguistic

    Talking about the OC, I was wearing my 'Tijuana Lady' top which is a reference to the song Gomez - Tijuana Lady, my favourite track by my favourite artist (which they've never played live anywhere but Tijuana, Mexico - I love that!). Whaaaat? My understanding was that they only ever performed it once... in Alaska. Hence the Tijuanalaska. But I never put any research into the topic, since I'm not that into the song. -J

    Feb 7 2006, 15:08
  • Teddeh

    Aww you've seen The Living End! Damnit... and I bet 2 Many DJs were crazy. MIA and Iggy I saw at Reading fest over here and were great too... sounds like BDO is like that but without all the emo bands... *sigh* lucky buggers. You try seeing From Autumn For Ashes when you're the only one dressed as a metalhead and there's emokids all around =( But enough of that... glad you enjoyed The Subways (to some extent at least)... a nice trio there. Ha, this article's just emphasised the fact that how ever long you live, you won't have listened to all the music in the world you (would) like... I've been meaning to listen to The Go! Team for ages but I've been too damn lazy! And euphemist, cheer up, I'm chinese and I can't speak a work of the language. I'm not proud of that, but I consider myself more as an englishman of oriental heritage =)

    Feb 7 2006, 18:45
  • schtef

    euphamist: your profile says that you're 94 :) and I semi-fake the Chinese (I only speak a bit) pike33: The magic numbers lashed with M.I.A. and the Kings of Leon so they basically had no chance in my musical heirachy, which is a pity because I've heard god things. They were given up for the need to boogie! linguistic: History says I'm probably wrong and you're probably right in this case (damned history!) and I'm too lazy to change it (which is something you should understand). Look, just understand that OC = bad and I shall be happy :) Teddeh: It's really funny how you're all pumped about the Living End - most alternative Aussie kiddies grew up with them and I've seen them a million times so I don't really get excited about them (though they do put on a fantastic live show). And for those who care there's a group called Asians Who Like Rock Music for people with special needs like us ;)

    Feb 8 2006, 1:16
  • oreobarbie

    Sweet review. Sounds like you had a really great time!!! I'm totally envious, even though there's no possiblity I could have attended, lol :-)

    Feb 9 2006, 23:11
  • schtef

    I feel the same when I see the lineu to festivals like SXSW and Cochella... so envious!

    Feb 10 2006, 1:16
  • pike33

    i hope to go to at least one of those events in '07. glasto would be nice too.....

    Feb 10 2006, 2:28
  • mydaydream

    Nice review! I loved the Grates. Seeing them live, and as close as I could get, was definately an experience, one that I hope to repeat again! The White Stripes were just awesome. I love them, and I've never seen them live (I only really got into them with 'Elephant'), and I thought the setlist was great. I loved how it was more like a jam session than anything else-- there was no structure, it seemed like they were just playing whatever came to them at that moment. Unfortunately, the people I was with weren't too keen on them so I wasn't in the mosh + quite far back, but twas still very awesome. :D

    Feb 10 2006, 11:25
  • schtef

    I try not to get too fucked at festivals otherwise you can't appreciate the music and after all, it's all about the music... unless it's a rave. no rules apply there ;)

    Feb 13 2006, 1:08
  • OtherBen

    Boo on missing Sleater-Kinney. :( Never mind. You saw some other awesome bands. The Subways little filly is a'iiiiiiiight if ya know what I'm saying.

    Feb 15 2006, 3:27
  • schtef

    yeah, I was a little disappointed. Had a quick scan of their albums and thought 'bet they'd go off live' but my stomach bullied me into it. I swear!

    Feb 15 2006, 3:43
  • ilovelucy

    I think that is the most amazing line-up I have ever read out. You are lucky.

    Feb 25 2006, 1:21
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