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Dic 3 2005, 2:44

Laika & The Cosmonauts
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"Laika & the Cosmonauts are the soundtrack to their own sci-fi film. This Finnish surf-rock troupe begs the question: Can one really surf the Baltic Sea? Does it increase the odds if the surfers bring their own flying saucers? Mysteries, melodies, and fabulous vintage tones await the intrepid listener."
One song you can download - "NY 79"

The Surfonics
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"The Surfonics were formed in Springfield, Oregon in 1993 when drummer Kevin Angvick answered a 'drummer wanted' ad posted in a music store by guitarist Mike Graves (myself) and bassist Mark Emmons. We soon discovered that we shared a love of 'old-testament' instrumental surf music, and after a little head-scratching to come up with a name, The Surfonics were born..."
Two songs you can download - "Boogie Board" and "Pyramid Rock"

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"This Mexico City axe-slinger lists himself in the surf-rock tradition, but if you're thinking early-'60s SoCal you've got it wrong. Those riffs have been sped up and amplified here, to a searing effect that's something like Joey Ramone stripped down to his bathing suit (but not nearly as disturbing)."
Five songs you can download, "Paty Lu" (not my favorite), "Capitan", "Ya no me importas perra", "Krasno", & "Shampoo"


  • AntonSirius

    I'm a big fan of the Mermen, who for lack of a better term I like to call 'prog-surf'. They can go from Dick Dale-ish riffs, to playing a piece by Brahms, at the drop of a hat.

    Dic 3 2005, 21:57
  • kkamphaus2

    The Surfonics are cool! I strongly recommend them if you are in to surf. Mermen are good too. I particularly like to listen to them at work. My alltime fave is Man or Astro-man.

    Dic 12 2005, 20:26
  • Ngenesis

    Dic 24 2005, 20:02
  • Ngenesis

    [utl=]Dick Dales history (Original)

    Dic 24 2005, 20:03
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