Review: Cyndi Lauper - Bring Ya To The Brink (Album)


Ago 21 2008, 13:27

Review: Bring Ya to the Brink - Cyndi Lauper

High and Mighty The opening track is a hypnotic, bassline driven yet simple tune penned by Cyndi and dance producer The Scumfrog who once produced one of the worst remixes of Kylie Minogue's entire career. Yet this is not a track to fear. As a warm up for what's to follow, it hits the spot. [8/10]

Into the Nightlife ...and this is what the opening track stages a warm-up for. A slice of pop/dance brilliance. A Believe for the noughties. Great hooks throughout and Cyndi's vocals are spot on for this track. Gives anything Madonna or Kylie Minogue can do a very good run for their money. Disco-tastic. [10/10]

Rocking Chair Another credible collaboration here as Cyndi teams up with the Basement Jaxx. Trouble with the Jaxx is that I always find the material released under their own name a bit hit 'n' miss. On this outing, Cyndi delivers very distinctive vocals, there's a whole tribal vibe going on, she raps to appeal to the urban crowd, the dance beats whizz and pop, but this is one of the year's weirder dance tracks. Jury's out on it, for me. [7/10]

Echo Loved the opening beats on this track which is a really minimalist dance track which builds into a great melody about a minute or so in. There's a sample in this which evokes Kylie Minogue's Light Years or Donna Summer's I Feel Love. This has great future chart potential. [9/10]

Lyfe So this is effectively the title track of the album as Cyndi and her laidback grooves reflect on how 'lyfe' (get a dictionary) can 'bring ya to the brink'. There's a nice eighties-esque scratching sample in this, but unfortunately this kind of track is not what made me invest in the album and it just brought me to the brink of hitting the 'skip' button on my CD player. [6/10]

Same Ol' Story From the opening notes of this track, I was up and on my feet, shimmying around. A cheeky six minute dance number - with the emphasis on cheeky as the song title omits the f-word which comes before 'story'. I can see this one being a huge hit on gay dancefloors. This has a great melody, great beats, a wonderous middle eight, some totally banged high notes towards the end that could put any diva on watch-out... and, of course, it has the f-factor. [10/10]

Raging Storm Same writing collaboration as the previous track - namely Cyndi with Richard Morel. Outcome? An equally strong track. These two have really hit the right spot. This is a surefire top ten single just waiting to go off. Again, great dance beats, plenty of hooks, some great sampling - totally commercial pop/dance winner [10/10]

Lay Me Down Another faultless pop/dance production with Cyndi this time collaborating with Kleerup of Robyn's With Every Heartbeat fame. And if you loved that, you'll love this too. [10/10]

Give It Up Slightly more frenetic, this is the sound that I would have hoped for from the Basement Jaxx collaboration but the writing credits are shared this time with someone named Digital Dog. Whoever he or she is. There's a lovely middle eight in this on the piano, but the main concept of this track is if you want to shake your head and holler on the dancefloor, here's the sound to do it to. [9/10]

Set Your Heart The third Cyndi pairing with Richard Morel... and they maintain the 100% briliance strike rate. This track is an utter total anthem. And if this doesn't make it to a single and number one all over the world, there's no sense in music anymore. An old school disco tune with 2008 production values. Phenomenal tune. [10/10]

Grab a Hold It's at this point in time that I'm trying to find a fault for fear of writing something meaningless and sychophantic. However, I fail. This is another perfect slice of pop. Not as dancefloor immediate as some of the other tracks but who said this was meant to be a pure dancefloor album anyway? This one actually had me singing along for the first time and on the first listen. That's the mark of a great accessible pop tune, in my eyes. [9.5/10]

Rain on Me Opening with laidback beats and melodies, which kinda surprised me as this is co-written with Axwell who has produced some serious hardcore dance anthems before now. This is a nicely chilled electronic dance ballad, if you will, with just the right amount of reverb on Cyndi's vocals to lend this an almost etheral quality. Haunting melodies, nice beats to stop this becoming melancholic - great closing track. [9.5/10]

Overall - Cyndi has really come up trumps here with, what is, my nomination as standout album of 2008 so far. Other acts have a long way to go to snatch that title out of her hands at this stage. Buy it, love it, and appreciate. My sad-to-use calculator tells me that this album should get an overall rating of 9/10, based on the rating I gave to two not so perfect tracks, but hey... call them the obligatory two tracks of filler (less than most artists achieve) and this is the perfect album for pop dance lovers and I therefore award it a surprisingly sychophantic sounding 10/10.
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  • jyxz

    I'm with you on 'Lyfe' - worst track and always gets me hitting the skip button too....

    Ago 24 2008, 10:36
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