BB King at Prospera Place, Kelowna


Mar 27 2008, 0:25

Sat 28 Apr – B.B. King

My father and his friend scored us tickets to this concert, and I tagged along as well. So when the day came, we drove to Kelowna together. I was quite impressed by our seats, we were 3rd or 4th row from the stage on the floor. I was definitely on the younger end of the scale at this concert, most people here were obviously older than I (I was 18 at the time). Anyway, B.B. King's band played a long instrumental with plenty of clapping and soloing to introduce band members. It was one of the highlights of the show in my opinion.

B.B. King is an amazing guitar player especially for his age and health complications. He really enjoyed talking to the audience, which is perfectly alright. He is an entertaining fellow, however, he probably did talk for an hour or so. When we'd all really like to hear him play probably and not talk as much as he did. But he seems extremely friendly and I will not put the guy down for talking too much.

The ensemble behind him was composed of great trumpet, trombone, piano and bass players. Probably more instruments but I cannot recall as it has been awhile.

All in all, a great concert and it was nice to see the King of blues in action. At the end of the concert we went outside to wait by the bus with other fans, because eventually he'll need to enter the bus and we might see him. We did see his nephew (Who is in B.B. King's band) and a few other band members get out sign autographs and get in the bus, but we didn't get any from them, didn't feel like hounding them. They were probably tired as they are all relatively old. We left before B.B. King exited though,ah well, even if he did come out I would have felt bad hounding the fellow. Definitely a good concert and I am glad I went.

The setlist below is as accurate as possible. Not guaranteeing it's accuracy though, there are a few I am iffy on. I'll mark the iffy ones with a *


0. Long Instrumental meant to introduce the band members
1. Let The Good Times Roll
2. I Need You So
3. Every Day I Have The Blues
4. Blues Man
5. When Love Comes To Town
6. All Over Again
7. Another instrumental I can't name really
8. You Are My Sunshine
9. Ain't That Just Like A Woman *
10. Days of Old *
11. How Blue Can You Get
12. Rock Me Baby
13. The Thrill Is Gone


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