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Ott 23 2009, 2:55

Put your iTunes/Winamp/Windows Media Player/whatever on Shuffle and list the next thirty songs that come up. No cheating to make yourself look cool!

Okay here are the random songs:

1. April Rain by Delain.
2. I Don't Care by Apocalyptica.
3. Red Archromance by Anorexia Nervosa.
4. The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet by Sonata Arctica.
5. Said And Done by Kylesa.
6. Motherzone by Deathstars.
7. The Patient by Tool.
8. Valley Of The Queens by Ayreon.
9. Imperfect Tenses by After Forever.
10. Strong Black Vine by Tori Amos.
11. White Walls by Between The Buried And Me.
12. So Like A Rose by Garbage.
13. Yes, Anastasia by Tori Amos.
14. Sancta Terra by Epica.
15. Prologue (Apprehension) by Apocalyptica.
16. Affliction by AFI.
17. Train Wreck by Sarah McLachlan.
18. Seek You Out by Poets Of The Fall.
19. Quicksand by Incubus.
20. Itsari by Sepultura.
21. Barriers by Anathema.
22. Final Product by Nevermore.
23. Carry On by Sleep Parade.
24. End Of The Road by Sentenced.
25. Feuer Frei by Rammstein.
26. Burning Bush by Hanzel Und Gretyl.
27. Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth by Marilyn Manson.
28. Love Song by The Cure.
29. Ravenous by Arch Enemy.
30. Second Sight by Placebo.

1. Which song do you prefer, ..1 or ..30?
Duh, Placebo. >.>

2. Have you ever listened to ..12 continuously on repeat?
I did when I was younger, but not recently.

3. What album is ..26 from?

4. What do you think about the artist who did ..15?
They're good, though I don't like their newer album as much as I probably should.

5. Is ..19 one of your favorite songs?
No, it's not, but it's okay.

6. Who does ..28 remind you of?
Pretty things. :3 It's a cute song.

7. Does ..20 have better lyrics or music?
I'd wager better music than lyrics. >.>

8. Do any of your friends like ..3?
I know plenty that would, but the first one that springs to mind would be Robbie.

9. Is ..23 from a movie soundtrack?

10. Is ..18 overplayed on the radio?
Possibly Finnish radio, but certainly not here.

11. What does ..21 remind you of?
Driving back from Melbourne, I played that CD in my car.

12. Which do you prefer, ..5 or ..22?
22. Nevarmoar.

13. What album is ..17 from?
Afterglow. Pretty album.

14. When did you first hear ..19?
When I was listening to the Incubus album. XD

16. What genre is ..8?
Uh, prog, probably.

Number 17, where are you?
I DON'T KNOW!! And 15 seems to have disappeared too. <- Yeah, that.

18. What color does ..4 remind you of?
I.. don't know. Uh, possibly orange, dark orange, because that's what the colour of the album is.

19. Have you ever blasted ..11 on your stereo?
If by stereo, you mean my computer, then yes.

20. What genre is ..7?
Jeez. I don't know what Tool is, probably alt-prog-something.

21. Can you play ..13 on any instrument?
Actually, I really can!

22. What is your favorite lyric from ..30?
'And I'm cursed with second sight', probably.

23. What is your favorite lyric from ..23?
Psh, I don't know.

24. Would you recommend ..24 to your friends?
Yes, but only a select few would like it.

25. Is ..2 a good song to dance to?
.. no.

26. Do you ever hear ..16 on the radio?
Not really. XD

27. Is ..22 more of a nighttime or daytime song?
It's an anytime of the goddamn day song.

28. Does ..16 have any special meaning to you?
Not really, it's fun though. :D

29. Do any of your friends like ..1?
I know Heidi likes Delain. XD

30. Is ..25 a fast or slow song?
'Tis fast.

31. Is ..5 a happy or sad song?
It's neither, really.

32. What is one of your favorite lyrics from ..9?
'An open heart is just as confronting as honesty'.

33. Is ..14 better to listen to alone or with friends?
Either or, it doesn't matter.

34. When did you first hear ..27?
Years and years ago!

35. Name 3 other songs by the artist who did ..29?
We Will Rise
Diva Satanica
Burning Bridges

36. Do you know all the words to ..6?
Most of them, for sure.

37. Does ..28 have better lyrics or music?
They're both gorgeous. :D

38. What album is ..10 from?
Abnormally Attracted To Sin. :)

Well that killed some time.


  • _KevMusic_

    It sure seems like it did :)

    Ott 28 2009, 1:30
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