Nulla vita sine musica!! no life without music!! (/ o ^)/, Femmina, Germania…Ultimo accesso: Aprile 2014

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NightwishBare Grace Misery 18 Lug 18:08
ネガHigaimousou to Kioku 18 Lug 18:03
UnsraWIN THE FACT [live] 18 Lug 17:59
NightwishCadence of Her Last Breath Brano preferito 18 Lug 17:55
DEATHGAZE闇に雨 腐敗した世界 18 Lug 17:50
BlutengelI'm Dying Alone 18 Lug 17:46
BlutengelA Little Love Brano preferito 18 Lug 17:41
BlutengelLegend Part 2 18 Lug 17:39
BlutengelI Am 18 Lug 17:33
BlutengelKönigin der Nacht 18 Lug 17:30
BlutengelWake Me Up 18 Lug 17:25
BlutengelOne Voice 18 Lug 17:21
BlutengelTod_Sünde 18 Lug 17:16
BlutengelA Place Called Home 18 Lug 17:11
BlutengelLegend, Part 1 18 Lug 17:10
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Nihil fit sine causa.

( )( )
(^.^) 100 % ♥me♥

I estimate the courage to be honestly!!

sometimes I wish i can turn back the clock to make then everything better!!

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur.
L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Love is, if two souls touch (the worth inside) No one can sense this with the eyes, only with the heart!!

♥"Love is the only strength,
the things
can unite, without them to

♥ It is never to late
to reconcile, because it never to late
to love, and also never to
late to be happily ♥!!

If a person stands before you,
give him the chance to become a friend

If the luck stands before you,
give him the chance to be recognised.

If the future stands before you,
give her the chance to be experienced.

If the uncertainty stands before you,
give her the chance to become certainty.

If the reason stands before you,
give her the chance to decide from the belly.

If the love stands before you,
give her every chance of the world!! ♥♥

And if you need courage...
lie down in the arms of those which love you!!!! ♥♥

Never leave without saying good bye and I Love you, you never know if you will ever have the chance again!!

♥True love gets over the strongest storm!!!♥
You have all the power you need, if you dared to look for it!

Dum spiro spero -> so long as I breathe I hope !!


yuuki's voice confuses me ....

♥ Gate of Death ♥... ♥ GUILTY ♥... ♥ DAMNED ♥... ♥ EVE ♥


╚══`. ¸ music

dream not your life... live your dream ♥

Do not hear on the reason,
if you want to realise a dream.

Saphirasun's top 10 albums (7day):
1. Versailles - JUBILEE (19)

2. Simple Plan - Get Your Heart On! (18)

3. Versailles - Holy Grail (17)

4. Versailles - Lyrical Sympathy (10)


6. Moi dix Mois - NOCTURNAL OPERA (6)

7. Moi dix Mois - DIXANADU (6)

8. Versailles - NOBLE (6)

9. girugämesh - Music (6)

10. DELUHI - ユグドアライヴ -Yggdalive- (6)

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