my playlist week 10 - girl power


Mar 5 2007, 17:22

starting this week, i will compile a play list every other week or so with certain themes. for the first one, i've chosen "girl power", maybe a worn out word, but as i now decided that i only will listen to music that is composed &/or sung by women this week, it felt quite natural.

anyway, here it is!

1. Fidelity
got this song sent to me last autumn, but only listened to it a few times back then. not that i didn't like it, it just got lost amongst all the other songs i had to listen to. & so, a couple of weeks ago, my sister got reginas album, begin to hope, sent to her by a friend, & i really got into it, specially this song.

2. allt jag vill ha (everything that i want)
one of those amazing singers i have found by just buying a record i never heard about. ediths way writing lyrics is very similar to that of jakob hellman. collages of sounds, feelings, places & memories.

3. Not Ready To Make Nice
one of the songs that cissi ramsby, contestant in the swedish version of idol, did really good was this one. i remember someone saying, could have been dylan, that a good song always is good, no matter who sings it. this is a good song.

4. You're the Only One
a friend sent this, & the rest of her record mellow, to me a long time ago. didn't listen to it that much, except for this song. it's kind of cute, but not in a childish way.

5. Be Mine!
a long time i thought of robyn as just a pretty little girl, but i was so very wrong, & this is probably the song that really proved it to me.

6. My Best Friend
just for the sake of the words from the chorus; "damn, i wish i was a lesbian". if i had got a swedish krona for every time i've said that, i would probably be rich by now.

7. A French Love
this is a song that's easy to fall in love with. i know i have, every time i've listened it.

8. Ett glas vin (a glass of wine)
a little taste of summer. one more glass of wine & everything will be better. maybe it's not that simple, but those nights when the sun never will set & the sky is nothing but blue, it sure feels like it is.

9. Orange
a girl from orsa, where i'm living for the moment. she's one of those people that starts making (good) music when they're like 15 years old or so. orange is kind of a funny song.

10. Benen I Kors (crossed legs)
lisa's voice is amazing in many ways. i first noticed her when she recorded a song whit my favourite band 1998 - 2000, Bo Kaspers Orkester. then she did a special appearance in a concert with Lars Winnerbäck, my favourite artist 2000 - 2004. so i kind of figured that i should check her out. benen i kors is so godawful simple & clear. you just got to smile when you hear it. wonderful.

11. All I Want
the one who taught Bob Dylan to play in open tunings, it is said. maybe it's not totally correct (he had done it years before meeting joni), but she surly influenced him a lot when he was writing/recording blood on the tracks. all i want is not that unsimilar to bob dylan's all i really want to do, they both got the same charm.

12. Little Plastic Castle
ani is all about girl power really. she's mad, angry & pissed of. but also loving, warm & glimpse-in-the-eye-funny. this song kind of brings those things all together.

13. Jag ska minnas Lucy (i'll remember lucy)
py bäckman is mostly a songwriter, not an artist. anyway, that is how it's been for the last 15 years or so. but she recorded a collections of songs last year, & this is one of them.

14. Feel To Believe
"i wont waste another day living in hell like it's some kind of heaven". that about sums it up, i think. it is easy to ignore the things that are bad in your life cos you just don't have the time, energy or courage to deal with them, but that is always a dangerous path to go down. beth orton is one of my newest favourites.

15. Say It Ain't So
this feels like a good closer, they way it fades out to an a capella song the last minute. it's really beautiful. i like nina ramsby's voice, how it doesn't seem to carry any emotions at all. it should get boring, but it doesn't.


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