My Favorite Tracks of 2010!!


Gen 1 2011, 12:46

The last year was a magical musical revolution to be. I came into my 4th change of listening and identifying music, I knew new artists that could bring a new perspective to music and make my day worth. So these are the songs that were released the last year and blew my mind away, they were also present in many moments of my life, making me smile, making me wonder about life, making me dance or simply making me enjoy the melody.

1 Impossible Soul - Sufjan Stevens- Yes, the genius that changed my whole life!! I knew Sufjan by Illinois album, a masterpiece of the so -called 50 states released in 2005. However, this year Mr. Stevens released The Age of Adz, yes an amazing revolution to my mind, and among the 11 tracks there is Impossible Soul- The 25 minutes length track, thus you can find 5 amazing little “Impossible souls” and from deception and depression to complete Happiness and Joy. It is not so impossible to fall in love with this track- For me the most revolutionary track of the year!

2. Devil's Spoke- Laura Marling- My best friend showed me this track and introduced me Laura Marling. The first track of I Speak Because I can is an amazing folk that becomes bigger in until the climax- Hold your devil by his spoke and spin him to the ground. Not only the melody of this song is this stunning, also the lyrics of this 20 years-old girl is a real portrait of the female feelings. A genuine track !!

3.Get Some- Lykke Li- I also met this Swedish singer this year and I was really happy when she released thjis song back in November. Very catchy, this song got stuck on my mind for days, but it's so good that I the only reaction that I had was to take my MP3 player to listen to this track again. The lyrics are great,outrageous and true, however I don't have the guts to sing it out loud.

4.Howl- Florence + the Machine- I think this track is from 2009, but anyway. I dowloaded this track because I was studying the poem Howl By Allen Ginsberg, but then I found this amazing track with a nightmarish Twilight atmosphere (sorry but it reminds me SO MUCH the vampire movie) in the lyrics and a great melody. I don't remember how many times I screamed Howl alone in my room but it really made me happy whenever I did it! I really recommend the Florence sound- she is definetely amazing!

5 Little Lion Man-Mumford And Sons- Wooow, well I think 2 place at and the Grammy nomination keep me from saying too much of this STUNNING band! I met this band in a very hard time of this year and it magically cheered me up! Little Lion Man is such a powerful and catchy song, it is impossible to not stump your feet on the floor with the beat and the chorus is able to free you from all the devils that you might have. Oh God I think I need to listen to it right now!!!!!

6 Give a Little More-Maroon 5- The sexiest song of the year Definetely!! The soft voice of Adam and the beat makes you surrender to the thisand then you start dancing- yes this song is able to do this and also brings an amazing feeling. Well, I'm so glad that they're back with Hands All Over album...such a great album and so good that they keep the Maroon 5 feeling in this whole American business. The track is one of the best piece of the album...definitely Amazing!

7.Fingertip-Aqualung- This track is soooooooo cute!! A kinda of childish touch but so beautiful, I'd listen to this track to dance alone in the kitchen or to catch myself smiling without reason. It puts me in such a good mood, just to listen to the “to do to do tododo”. A sing along song, a happy song and the soundtrack of some emotional moments that I had!!

8.Bigger Than Us-White Lies- Wooooow, this track has a fucking poweful chorus, however dark and dense (as many songs of this Great British band) the chorus is soft and it gives you freedom-you feel relieved! The track is OMG stunning and the lyrics are deep dark, but it matches with the melody- I really do think that however I listened to this thousand times, it portrays and it is something Bigger. And this mystery, my dear, is what makes it the 8th track of this year!

9.Come Back Home-Two Door Cinema Club- The discovery of the last month , I must say, and one of the best videos of 2010. Yes, this band made me fall in love with their music. The catchy guitar riffs and the smarts beats and the pop appeal of the songs are just stunning- I am so glad that I discoreved this 3 piece revolutionary pop band!

10.Ready to Start-Arcade Fire- Well I discover Arcade Fire this year, such a shame, huh?! Well I am still in panic with this band but surely this track is amazing! It gives me a great vibe and although I don't sing it out loud it is impossible to put the earphones down whenever it is playing. The lyrics are amazing too. Guess I am ready to start to like Arcade Fire!


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