Ago 21 2010, 16:01

Fenech-Soler - Fenech-Soler

Battlefields: is a really nice album opener, a nice synth riff with a solid beat touched up with excellent vocals. It’s a very driving number, a little more danceable than their early numbers.

Lies: What more can be said - great track - the re-release will be out 20th September as an album teaser.

Golden Sun: I have been lead to believe that this track is the renamed track "white hearts" but I can't be sure! Anyhow this track is very strong - similar dynamics to battlefields stunning vocal work over a synth lead track!

Stop And Stare: I really don't need to say too much about this track, it went top 10 in the dance and indie chart, I would say this is the most mature sounding track on the debut!

The Great Unknown: Is a vocal lead track starting off very atmospheric with a simple subdued beat, just showing off the beauty of the vocals!

Demons: Is a similar track structure to 'stop and stare' but this is with a more driving intro rather than the atmospheric intro that 'stop and stare' delivers. Again the vocals are the main feature of the track with the percussion just adding depth and a nice driving beat.

LA Love: this is one of my favorite tracks from the EPs I am fairly surprised that It’s on the debut as it was listed as a B-side on Lies EP, but amazing track - I won't be too bias and say that It’s the best track on the album, but It’s defiantly a contender. This track offers very dance able beats and a nice vocal blanket and more importantly a COW BELL!

Stone Bridge: is the down tempo number on the debut, with a slow dramatic piano into with a gentle burst of synths throughout the track. It’s not as depressing as most down tempo tracks and it adds a nice relaxing track to the album. Not very vocal or syth heavy just a nice relaxing track!

Contender: love the "wa wa wa" almost echo from the syths in this track, It’s a defiant offspring from the remix of Hollywood! I am almost to focused this rather than on the vocals or the rest of this track! I am sorry to say this is the most "boy bandy" track it sounds a bit too much like a remix of a boy-band with a sprinkle of FS magic.

Walk Alone: another relaxing track on the album, from the fast pace from Contender to the sultry tones walk alone is a nice track to end the album on.


There are two tracks that I really miss off this album "Black Keys" and "white heart" but all in all It’s a lovely debut - filled full of great EP tracks and tied together with some really nice tracks.
Really looking forward to seeing them at The Thekla later in the year, and just waiting to see the album artwork that will really seal this with a rubber stamp of approval!

Edit: my CD laser is going to burn a hole in this CD very soon its on that often!!

Edit: a massive grower, this album is amazing had it since august and its AMAZING! - have at least one track on per day!


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