• Worst Songs Ever.

    Set 3 2005, 3:03

    This really is not comprehensive of all the music produced since the conception of recorded tunes, but well, the worst songs I can recall within the past year.

    1. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Awwful. Dookie was a fantastic album. What the eff is this?

    2. Weezer - Beverly Hills. This one is a heart-breaker. I love Weezer Blue. Best album ever. I put aside Pinkerton for a few months when it came out and I still managed to enjoy it (at a later date). But really. I think it's for Rivers to go back and meditate in that closet of his until he learns once again how to write real music.

    3. Mae - Suspension. Of all the singles to put out... they chose the worst from the album. Why? Morons.

    4. Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl. So ridiculously horrendous. And yet... I can't get those damn lyrics out of my head. Something about bananas and shit. Who knows.
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