Today's Desert Island Ten (er, 15)


Dic 28 2007, 17:14

So you're stranded on a desert island, but there's good news. You've got a fresh water supply and plenty to eat, etc. And your waterproof iPod has unlimited battery life.

The bad news -- you've only got 10 CDs/albums of music loaded on this iPod of the ages.

Which 10 would you most want with you while you're waiting for rescue? (Or, if you prefer, while you're waiting for your back hair to grow long enough to copy Jack Sparrow's self rescue.)

My list has a few hard points and some others that vary depending on what day you ask me. Here's today's:

12 Songs of Good & Evil (hard point). My favorite rainy day album. Cliff Eberhardt has such an amazing voice.

When Juniper Sleeps (hard point). There is no instrument Seamus Egan can't play. To An Old Rose may be my favorite waltz.

A Sense of Place (hard point). What's the point of being stranded without the blues? John Mayall may be British, but he gets it.

A Hard Day's Night. Gotta have The Beatles. This is usually my favorite Beatles album. But ask me again tomorrow... .

Hope. I know, I know. Who is Klaatu? A blip in music history. But listen to Prelude. Sigh.

Recurring Dream. Is including a "greatest hits" cheating? I had to include some of the songwriting of Finn Brothers and the choice was excruciating.

Undrugged. WTF? I dunno. I just love this album and wish Amazing Meet Project had done more.

Romeo's Garage. Terrific songwriting. Wonderful melodies. And a voice that goes down smooth.

The Power of One. Love that African choral sound. Plus it has Woza Mfana, the single most affecting track in my iTunes library--and it's under two minutes long!

Pontiac. Why this one? IMO, it showcases Lyle Lovett's songwriting at its best.

Ozomatli. A girl's gotta dance and I love Ozomatli's international scope.

Most of the Girls Like to Dance. How to pick only one of Don Dixon's CDs? I picked the one with Just Rites, at least today.

Let It Die. I saw how the 2007 release by Feist made some editor's list of best new artist. Were they snoozing when this one came out? I loved it so much, I was giving copies away to all my friends.

Industrial Lullaby. What a voice! Stephen Fearing is also a terrific songwriter (and a heck of a guitarist).

First of a Million Kisses. This album might make the list purely on the strength of how many of its tracks feed my 3/4-time obsession. But Fairground Attraction has much more going for it, namely Eddi Reader.

Okay, so my list has 15, not 10. But hey, it's an iPod.

What's on your list today?


  • silverchimes

    You put quite a bit of thought into your choices. There are several different genres, which would be smart if you’re going to be stranded for a while. I won’t be able to give in depth reasons why I love each of my choices – just know that I do :-) 1. Annie Lennox – Diva I’ve loved Annie Lennox’s voice since I first heard the Eurythmics when I was 17 years old. I have all of her solo CDs and struggled about choosing Diva or Bare for a desert island disc. Diva won out in the end…even though A Thousand Beautiful Things from Bare would be a great song to have on a desert island. 2. Grey Eye Glances – Eventide I bought this cassette from the sale bin at Tower Records in 2002 solely because I liked the cover. What a great buy! I loved all of the songs and I listened to the tape obsessively for several months. I looked for the CD, but could never find it here in BKK. When I finally got an account at iTMS, this was the first album I downloaded. Halfway Back is one of several faves. 3. Rickie Lee Jones – Rickie Lee Jones This record came out when I was in the 8th grade and I still love to listen to it today. Everybody knows Chuck E's In Love (LP Version), but I’ve always loved to sing Danny's All-Star Joint (LP Version) (Doit! Doit!). 4. Lloyd Cole – Bad Vibes Lloyd Cole is another of my favorite artists. There was other struggle – Love Story or Bad Vibes? Love Story is generally considered the better album, but I think Bad Vibes is a little more fun, so I picked it for a desert island disc. 5. Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend I really like this album! Evangeline is my favorite. 6. Queen – Greatest Hits Is this allowed? It’s Queen! There are so many great songs here – it has to go on the island ipod. 7. U2 – Joshua Tree OK, not terribly original, but I wore a groove in the Joshua Tree record I bought in 1987…and I still love all the songs today. 8. John Hiatt – Slow Turning This is my favorite John Hiatt CD. The songs Feels Like Rain and Is Anybody There? are simply beautiful. 9. Nikka Costa – Everybody Got Their Something Well, you said a girl had to dance… Everybody Got Their Something and Some Kind of Beautiful get me moving! 10. Until the End of the World Soundtrack: track list from RYM This is absolutely the best soundtrack…even though I zonked out by the end of the movie. There are so many good songs, but here are a few faves: Talking Heads - Sax and Violins Lou Reed - What's Good Elvis Costello – Days (wonderful Kinks cover) Jane Siberry – Calling All Angels Daniel Lanois – Sleeping in the Devil's Bed That’s my Desert Island Top Ten (for this week, anyway ☺). I'm sure I'll think of several must haves as soon as I hit post. This has been a great year for new music (for me, at least) – but the new stuff will have to stand the test of time before becoming a “Desert Island Disc”. I'll have to do this again next year! Jenn

    Gen 2 2008, 15:47
  • willow21

    We have a programme on the radio over here in the UK and it is called Dessert Island Discs and it has been running for so many years since 29th January 1942 it's original presenter who incidentally conceived the programme, Roy Plomley died in 1985 he was replaced by Michael Parkinson a now retired and knighted chat show host!!He was replaced by Sue Lawley who has now handed the show over to Kirsty Young..least said! Anyway the rules of the show are similar to yours those on the show ..including the last six PM's of the UK and also Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash, John Malkovich, David Cameron, Bobby Robson, John Peel, Princess Margaret, George Clooney, J.K. Rowling, Brian May, George Foreman, Rod Steiger, Billy Connolly, Stephen King and Stephen Hawkins just to mention a few!! each pick eight tracks not discs they are also allow one luxury item that would be of no use as either shelter or means of book as the Bible and complete works of Shakespeare would already be there!! OK wake up!! sorry if I bored you or if you already knew all of this ..anyway I have always wanted to have a go so here goes!! Disc 1 Between the Buttons the Rolling stones first love!! First record I ever bought was Come on at the record shop halfway between school and home!!And for my thirteenth Birthday my parents bought me tickets to see the Rolling Stones and Yardbirds !! Disc 2 Peace Annie Lennox and Dave Stuart She has always been my heroine I am one year her senior and first heard her circa 1977. Disc 3 The Very Best of Queen The have seen me through the good and the bad times of my life..I adore Freddie he had the voice of voices and the songs he sang were so beautiful I cried for Freddie when he died..he freed the tears I wanted to cry for my MUM :) I have a track from them for my wedding day husband.. my three boys and so much more!! Disc 4 Kate Bush ..but which one to choose ..could I, PLEASE, make up my own compilation for the magic ipod:) Disc 5 Snow Patrol Signal Fire..such words such a voice ..Irish ..the Celts are such wonderful singers!! Disc 6 Alanis Morrisette The collection..The Woman is too good for words and she sings my life..every song she has ever written feels personal to me!! Disc 7 Enya Another Irish artist and again so much to love can I make my own compilation..pretty please...if not, as I have already done that with Kate Bush it would have to be Armarantine!! Disc 8 Sinead O'Conner So Far the best of..yet again an Irish songstress with such a wonderful voice ..Mandinka makes me want to dance every time I hear it no matter where I am and My three Babies ..well I have three Babies ..all grown and flown but the song captures the very essence of what I feel for my sons..sorry I hope that does not sound too soft!! Disc 9 Bjork Homogenic.. My youngest son introduced me to Bjork..who is wonderful, in fact he has bought all of my Bjork collection for me:).. we learn much from our children. OMG I am at disc 10 already and where is Imogen Heap..Tori Amos.. Keane Andrea Bocelli the Corrs... No this has to sustain.. OK Disc 10 Abba ..that will have to a compilation...what can I say about ABBA nothing they do not need words. That was so hard to do and now I can think of loads and loads of discs I would need to survive..but the choice has been I just pray you never send me off to the Island!! I just realized I need all my music. Right my one Book... Wild Swans by Jung Chang ..and my luxury item a sun powered lap top..I know that is cheating!!Between the ButtonsPeace Annie LennoxKate BushSnow PatrolAlanis MorrisetteEnyaSinead O'ConnerBjorkABBA

    Gen 6 2008, 23:03
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