• The Cramps Art

    Giu 15 2010, 2:40

    I made this record for my art final. Took forever to glaze...
  • 12 Questions for Wolfgarden

    Apr 4 2010, 23:48

    Now it's finally time to interview the most koolio dude in cyberspace! He's hip, he's fresh, he's off the bone! Drumroll please... WOLFGARDEN!!

    1. Are you related in any shape or form to the man who sang "I was a teenage Wolfgarden"?

    2. Do you find wolves in gardens attractive?

    3. Say I wanna breed my own Wolfgarden, where should I go?

    4. Are you literally a wolf in a garden living in a garden of wolves or is it the opposite where the garden lives in the wolf creating a garden wolf?

    5. If you were to pick your own band name, what would it be registered as?
    A. The Wolf and Garden Chain
    B. The Wolfgarden Underground
    C. Wolfgarden Cried Wolf

    6. Does he like this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-K8mXmAXds? If so how does it make him feel personally? Outwardly? Intestinely? How about mentaphysically in the spleen?

    7. Why does he like JAMC and cars? I heard they suck big time. :P

    8. Why does Wolfgarden enjoy gardening wolves? And what is his real identity? Surely a person named Wolfgarden isn't REAL!

    9. Why did you throw a dead wombat at a talking diamond in the movie Mission Impossible? I heard you were gonna be the next (too raunchy to say on live internet). Tell us about that.

    10. Why does Wolfgarden have a deep voice? Why does he have anything? Is Wolfgarden really a boy? Or is he one of those split horse man people OR rather split wolf slash garden? After all, he does listen to the song "The Day I Was a Horse". AOWAH HE TURNED INTO A HORSE! THATS FUCKING AMAZING! NO WAI! Tell me how to do that!!!

    11. What happened when Wolfgarden was 12.3982 years old?


    Well folks, that concludes our interview of the magnificent character Wolfgarden. Come back next week to find out what's his favorite grass root to plant in his garden. Thanks for reading. Bye y'all!