Song Of The Day - 20 Dec 2007: Black Night [Live]


Dic 21 2007, 4:52

Deep Purple / "Black Night [Live]" / Made In Japan [The Remastered Edition] (II-1) / May 2001

Artist: Deep Purple
Original Album: Made In Japan
Track: Black Night (Live Version)

Back in the summer, I highlighted three albums as the three foundation building blocks of . Deep Purple's In Rock (correctly titled but lesser-known-on-Last as Deep Purple In Rock) is one of those three. But it was Made In Japan, with it's stretched out songs and extended jams for guitar-drums-organ, that really began the process of fashioning metal into what it was to become throughout the remainder of the 1970s.

Unfortunately, while today's selection in its original studio form was the single cut specifically to promote Deep Purple In Rock, with Speed King and Living Wreck as its B-sides, it wasn't even a part of the album until the 25th Anniversary Edition was released in 2005! That edition includes both the original single version and a better remix by Roger Glover.

The best version of it, though, has always been the live version that really cooks and was usually the first encore. However, that wasn't even originally released as part of Made In Japan until the remastered edition of that album (disc 2, "The Encores"). The tracks on Made In Japan were a mix from the two Osaka shows (Aug 15-16, 1972) and the Tokyo show (Aug 17). This particular track from the remaster was from the Tokyo show, and previously only a UK B-side. We only had to wait nearly 30 years for this stateside, so good things sometimes really do come to those who wait...a really looong time...

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