Song Of The Day - 23 Jun 2007: Of A Lifetime


Giu 23 2007, 18:37

Journey / "Of A Lifetime" / Journey (1) / Apr 1975

Artist: Journey
Original Album: Journey
Track: Of a Lifetime

Track preview via cduniverse

This is my all-time favorite Journey song – the first track from the first album.

Journey was quite different in the pre-Steve Perry days. A very progressive bluesy jazz-rock fusion outfit, and very much centered on Neal Schon’s guitar work.

This is the only album with Georger Tickner on vocals; Gregg does lead vocals on the next two before Steve Perry joined.

Journey is a great band to use when you want to explore “degrees of separation” in rock family trees. Neal joined Carlos Santana’s band when he was only 15, and he and original keyboardist Gregg Rolie formed Journey after departing Santana.

Bass is handled by Ross Valory, who had previously worked with Steve Miller on the album Rock Love.

Original drummer Aynsley Dunbar (first four Journey albums) probably has the most connections. Dunbar first led the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, who wrote the song Warning – which for many years I always thought was an original Black Sabbath song (debut album). He then played for Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, then after Journey did one album with Sammy Hagar and moved on to Jefferson Starship for three albums, including my favroite of theirs, Freedom At Point Zero ("Jane").

Aynsley then moved on to Whitesnake, playing on the 1987 multi-platinum Whitesnake album, but nobody ever remembers that because David Coverdale (earlier of Deep Purple) fired everyone who played on the album except Adrian Vandenberg after it was done. (Tommy Aldridge was just in the videos and on the tour.)

Betcha wouldn’t have thought this entry would have connections to both Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, two of the three founders of ?

And of course, now that Jeff Scott Soto has joined Journey as their latest vocalist, there's now all kinds of connections to the metal world since Jeff formerly worked with Yngwie Malmsteen on his first two Rising Force albums.

So though they may be best known for their pop rock ballads of the 80s, I still fly the horns for 'em!

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  • ChiefKrazyHorse

    Of a Lifetime is my favorite Journey song and I love the progressive era the most. It's too bad that Journey's judged on their poppier material and nobody bothers to check out gems such as this epic tune.

    Giu 25 2007, 19:20
  • sablespecter

    Update: Apparently, I'm about two weeks or so behind the news and should have said: And of course, since Jeff Scott Soto was [i]recently[/i] their latest vocalist... I'm not automatically prejudiced against any singer that's not Steve Perry, though I do wish things could have worked out because I don't think anyone can replace him in that magic chemistry of the mega-successful incarnation of Journey. But Neal's got an awful big ego, and Steve is a bit finicky and extremely meticulous, and by now there's some really sore history on top of the clashes between those different personalities. I saw them live with Steve Augeri and wasn't as impressed, though there are a lot of similarities in the voices. He just seemed to lack the same passion. I didn't particularly like the albums he recorded with them, not that it was his fault. About three tracks each from Arrival and Generations. I would have liked to see them with JSS, though. His voice may have worked well with Journey material. Chief: I love everything from the beginning up to and including Trial by Fire. For example, Who's Crying Now is one of my all-time favorite songs overall, and I'm predominantly a metal fan. I should say it's mainly because of the awesome ending solo, though. I'm fine with bands growing and changing in general, and there was still a lot of great Neal Schon guitar work during the peak days with Steve Perry, and also on TBF (Message of Love, One More, Can't Tame the Lion). The combination of Neal's guitar, Perry's voice, and the songs that Jonathan and Steve wrote together brought them the megastar success I think they deserved. Nice to see that Greatest Hits recently became a leading seller again, thanks to Don't Stop Believin' appearing at the tail end of [i]The Sopranos[/i]. Hopefully, the pop favorites are an impetus for more astute fans to delve into the earlier catalog and find those great early gems. If not, their loss.

    Giu 27 2007, 15:53
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