• eco-friendly is all I have

    Mag 2 2009, 6:42

    I cook with my bamboo sipping spoon
    it sits very comfortable next to my chemically created french Teflon™ pan
    eventually the two will unite and get along, j/k opposites don’t attract
    I ride my bamboo bicycle™, but bamboo bicycle™ is bouncy
    bamboo bicycle™ is making me feel like I have hydraulics on my cruiser
    I ride my bike to the low rider convention to express my concerns over the enviroment
    the gangsta’s have hydraulics too but they’re not “Eco-Friendly” like mine
    my wheel just fell off due to my 100% cotton twine holding it together
    back to the drawing board
    I ride bicycle up the naturally made mountain to my home which has drained
    every ounce of energy out of my heart and soul
    my street is named after birds which releases a lot of anxiety and stress out of my life
    instead of resting the cycle on the sweaty tar road I carefully lift it and bring
    it in the home to settle comfortably on my cork and bamboo floors
    It’s the least I can do
    I throw my beautiful real cow covered couch out and replace it with the floor
    I throw my poly blended piece goods out with my vintage Levi’s™ stay-pressed®
    slacks, no poly here
    I replace with the natural comfort of my linens and cottons, I feel better
    I tame the roughness of the fibers blended throughout my sheets, towels and
    runners with my Trader Joe’s™
    organic laundry detergent (even though I know it doesn’t work) but I feel better
    eventually I am able to to function in my “organic home”
    organic merged with organic, usually creates harmony
    I smoke some weed
    It’s hard to have guests over to my home
    I only have so many hemp outfits and slippers to hand out
    I wish I could paint my house, but nope
    I don’t want my certified organic food to be tarnished with vapors of manmade poison
    thankfully the trend in color is “natural” so nobody will notice
    I pretend I have a hybrid, it makes me feel better when travelling around town
    I think of bio-fuel
    thank god there is organic wine

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