Finally Church of Misery !


Giu 30 2011, 17:11

Wed 29 Jun – Eyehategod, Church of Misery, Heavy Lord

I missed Eyehategod completely: I had to take the train and I have to confess that I am not such a big sludge fan. They aren't bad, but having to take 3 different trains here in the Netherlands means that chances are that you will have to stay for the night in some crap-hole place far away from home.

I hadn't heard Heavy Lord too much before but I can resume their gig in a few words: It was too short ! And that's quite a compliment for a support act; when they stopped i was still wishing for more. In fact the played less time as they should because the show started later, so that instead of a full hour they played only 30 minutes or so... but I would have heart them for hours. Very good, no-nonsense Doom Metal.

Church of Misery fucking owned. I came specially to see these crazy hippies from hell. They aren't only one of the greatest bands ever but also fucking great professionals. Suto Kensuke reminded me the ghost from Ring, Negishi Yoshiaki was a real demon possessed by the spirit of some evil serial killer. Mikami Tatsuo showed that he is one of the best bassists ever, and not only in the Doom Metal scene.

Baroeg is a small but very nice venue, clearly specialized in metal, there is even an inverted cross as a permanent part of the stage. The crowd that gathers there does also contain a lower hipster-index than in other parts of the Netherlands. I did however miss more passion, well, starting a pit is of course completely off place, but mates, fucking feel the music, don't just stay there as in your office's cafeteria...

A longer and more detailed review with tons of photos in my blog:

Doom on !
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  • Ton87

    ik vind het juist altijd vaag als iedereen helemaal uit z'n dak staat te gaan op stoner doom muziek. rook een goeie dikke stick en je staat daar ook mak als een lammetje met je hoofd op de muziek mee te deinen. ach ja ieder z'n ding heheh. mooie foto's trouwens, vooral die van de bassist van HL in de rook.

    Lug 1 2011, 12:33
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