signifier label


Ott 20 2010, 2:44

friends- you may be interested in my new record label venture:

hope you'll join us!

coming soon:

"these sounds will have to meet somewhere in between" double disc compilation, early 2011.

contributing artists:

Marching Dynamics, OTX, Embodi, Dazzling Malicious, Nin Kuji, Millipede, Autovoice, Ex_tension, Oil 10, Vuxnut, Lingouf, Warbaby, Tonikom, Replogen, scrape-grinder, Greyhound, Lucidstatic, Manufactura, Aphorism, Sulphuric Saliva, Zero Degree, Cruise [Ctrl], Tzolk'in, Geomatic, Anongrey, the machinist, and Audio Organism.

thanks and stay tuned!


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