Favorite Albums, 2000-2010


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This is a list of my favorites. So, no Coldplay, no Radiohead, etc.

50. Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor
I first heard this album while I was in Russia. It's my favorite Madonna album, if only for the track "Get Together".

49. The Protomen - The Father Of Death
This is a ridiculously epic concept album about Dr. Light and Dr. Wily from Capcom's infamous "Mega Man" games. The band is obscenely talented, channeling 80's nostalgia in both music and film. Give this album a full listen and mind the lyrics (which pull the theme together into a rock opera).

48. Girl Talk - Feed the Animals
I feel like the fact that Girl Talk exists at all means that we have entered a new period of music.

47. The Chap - Mega Breakfast
This is a quirky, neat little album. Imagine if Hot Chip was weirder, but still catchy, and that's about what you'll get here.

46. The Damned - Grave Disorder
I'd be remiss if I didn't include one of my favorite bands' best album since the 80's. This is a really fun horror rock record and a huge influence on me in high school.

45. Pretty Girls Make Graves - The New Romance
We played with these guys at Bulldog Cafe a long time ago. I didn't think they would be my cup of tea until I saw them live. This album is really solid, with some truly interesting guitar lines. They are also really nice people.

44. The Bronx - The Bronx (II)
I didn't think much of this album on my first listen. It grew on me, eventually making me think that I wanted to start a similar-sounding band. The band never happened, but this album is still such a grab-you-by-the-balls heavy rock album that I can still rock out in the car to it.

43. St. Vincent - Actor
You really gotta hear it on vinyl.

42. The Postman Syndrome - Terraforming
Overlooked gem from a brilliant band.

41. Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death
Love it or hate it, it's on this list. I listened to this album about 1000 times my freshmen year of college, when it first came out.

40. Ghostface Killah - Fishscale
Although artists have been rapping over blaxploitation beats forever, this album is really one of the best I've heard in years.

39. Tech N9ne - Killer
...Heh heh. Even if you don't like anything else N9ne has done, this album really is killer.

38. Deadsy - Phantasmagore
I feel like Deadsy was eclipsed by Orgy in the late 90's, despite having created the same sound before Orgy ripped it off. Unfortunately, Orgy's "Candyass" was just a lot better than "Commencement". That said, Deadsy's 2006 album kicked so much ass out of Orgy's "Punk Static Paranoia" that I had to include them here, almost posthumously.

37. The Smashing Pumpkins - Machina: The Machines Of God
I am the only person who loved this album. Even if I didn't like any other songs, "Stand Inside Your Love" is so good that the album would still be recommended.

36. Lords - Swords
Yup, Owens. There's your album, right below Kanye West and above Corgan. I didn't know what to make of this at first, just like most albums which become my favorites. It's like metal for people with ADD. I subscribe to that disorder, so I subscribe to Lords.

35. Kanye West - Graduation
All the outrageous stuff that West does continually entertains me.

34. Blur - Think Tank
Blur finally reached their peak with this one.

33. Hadouken! - Music for an Accelerated Culture
I am truly embarrassed that I liked this album as much as I did. It's really not that good. That said, I can't deny that these songs get stuck in my head on a weekly basis.

32. The Kooks - Konk
Usually I don't like albums of this type, but this is an exception.

31. Helmet - Size Matters
30. Strike Anywhere - Change Is A Sound
29. Gamma Ray - No World Order
28. Fischerspooner - Odyssey
27. Capsule - MORE! MORE! MORE!
26. Iced Earth - Horror Show
25. Circus Maximus - Isolate
24. Danzig - I Luciferi
23. Katatonia - Viva Emptiness
22. Rise Against - The Unraveling
21. Hot Chip - The Warning
20. AFI - The Art of Drowning
19. Metric - Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
18. Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
17. Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
16. The Blood Brothers - ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn
15. The Black Ghosts - The Black Ghosts
14. OutKast - Stankonia
13. The Knife - Silent Shout
12. Tool - Lateralus
11. Opeth - Damnation
09. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!
08. Ladyhawke - Ladyhawke
07. The Presets - Apocalypso
06. Deftones - White Pony
05. Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise
04. OutKast - Speakerboxx/The Love Below
03. Bjork - Vespertine
02. Subtle - For Hero, For Fool
01. The Killers - Hot Fuss


  • Neon_Spadezzz

    Will have to check out some of these. I personally found the explanation about the Smashing Pumpkins' album quite hilarious. If you were intending to be serious, I am sorry. I like a lot of your artists. Like Outkast, The Killer, Sufjan Stevens, Fischerspooner. Random acts that you like I also like.

    Lug 31 2011, 2:06
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