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Mar 28 2008, 6:56

Wed 26 Mar – Bob Mould, Saturna

Yesterday, i had soccer at 17:00 with Quakes (we won 4-2; my defense performed admirably and i had a nearly flawless game), then came home, showered, and on our way out to San Francisco, we stopped for food at El Pollo Loco, but the drive-in line was huge, which caused us to arrive at the GAMH a tad late. Then i forgot to get the earplugs from my emergency stash in the car, so i had to run back to get them, then on the way back i realized i lost my ticket, so i had to track back my steps; fortunately, i found it in the parking garage, so in we went.

Saturna opened, and they did a good job. I went downstairs to buy their CD, Some Delicious Enemy; Matt, the drummer, couldn't unlock the cashbox, so he told me to just take the CD gratis. I dropped by later to pay, so he gave me their EP, ...All Night for free. Swell guys, and their music was good, too. What more can a fan ask?

Bob Mould came on and opened with the best possible song he could have played as an opener.

* The Act We Act
* A Good Idea
* I Hate Alternative Rock
* See a Little Light
* Hoover Dam
* I Am Vision, I Am Sound
* The Silence Between Us
* Hanging Tree
* Miniature Parade
* Your Favorite Thing
* Hardly Getting Over It
* Changes
* Paralyzed
* Can't Help You Anymore
* I Apologize
* Celebrated Summer
* Divide and Conquer


* Egøverride
* If I Can't Change Your Mind


* Chartered Trips
* Makes No Sense at All
* New Day Rising

... and closed with the best fucking song he could've played to close.

Leave it to me to find flaws in what was practically perfection: seeing how often he dipped in the Sugar and Hüsker Dü well, i would have killed to hear "Tilted" and "In a Free Land". And the drummer was awfully sloppy during the first few songs (or maybe i'm just too attached to the beautiful precision of Malcolm Travis's beats). But, damn... it was good. Great. Awesome. I heard stuff i'd never thought i'd see Bob play. One funny thing was that Kim and i sat next to these two twenty-something kids who had a completely bored expression throughout the whole show. On our other side, a man and woman sat listening to the show with their earplugs neatly sitting in front of them. Down the way, there were two girls dry-humping, in an apparent attempt to titillate their boyfriends.

This is the third time i've seen Bob play and i'm sure i'll be back for more... so long as i don't forget my earplugs.
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