Ultimate Mix CD


Feb 6 2007, 6:23

I saw on someone else's last FM page that if you take your top 25 songs without repeating an artist you get your "Ultimate Mix CD." ... Even if that's not the case I thought it would be a fun meme, so here goes (let's see how far I have to go down to get this... lol)

Track listing for "My Ultimate CD"

Grey Street
An' Another Thing
Welcome to the Black Parade
Give You Back
Here It Goes Again
Sweet Sacrifice
And So It Goes
You Have My Attention
Float On
Move Along
Time to Dance
Tiny Vessels
One Year of Love
A Lifetime
Soul Thing
This Bitter Pill
Can't Help Falling in Love
I Miss You
I Love You
Make You Smile
Let's Get Fucked Up And Die

.... Neat! This is actually a really awesome CD. Hahaha. I had to go all the way down to my #175 song, because there is just so damn much Dave Matthews Band, but that was still really fun nonetheless. I am really shocked about three things: one, that there was no Fall Out Boy, two, that Universe was my most listened to Savage Garden song, and three, that I Love You, was my most listened song by her. All very shocking. But this was so much fun!


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