Soulfallen live at Lutakko 22 Nov 2009


Nov 23 2009, 22:56

Sun 22 Nov – Swallow the Sun, Soulfallen

I was very pleased! Didn't get a chance to interview any of the band members, but the singer Kai Leikola gave me their setlist. Soulfallen was awesome live, and I recommend them to all of you metalheads out there.

Swallow the Sun was fucking great too, but I have already seen them once before, so I was more thrilled about Soulfallen. It's such a shame they were only warming up for StS. I hoped more songs. I was also a little bit sad because nobody were so excited than I, and I didn't want to mosh alone all the time... so I just listened instead of jumping around in flames.

But anyway, nice gigs! It was exceptional because they had featuring artists singing the clean parts. The pearl was Soulfallen's We Are the Sand at the end, indeed.

Soulfallen's tracklist:
1. Towers of Silence
2. Like Beasts Upon Their Prey
3. Death of the Tyrant
4. Grave New World
5. Devour
6. Embrace the Scythe
7. We Are the Sand


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