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Apr 28 2010, 3:36

Sat 24 Apr – Midnight Juggernauts

Last Saturday I had the opportunity of watching one of my favourite bands, the Melbournian Midnight Juggernauts performing live.

The band is very open and many fans have taken pictures and talked to them.

Next to release their sophomore album The Crystal Axis, the band mixed songs from their debut Dystopia.

While on stage they Started playing ans Intro and then Shadows, one of their main hits, with its hypnotic bassline and synths. The follow up was So Many Frequencies wich is hypnotic and more psychedelic. The fourth song was Vital Signs, their latest single. Vocoder riot Tombstone rocked the audience before Cannibal Highway, a new one, followed by The Crystal Axis first single yellow magic orchesta's oriented This New Technology. The sequence Road to Recovery/Ending Of An Era/Into The Galaxy made the audience jump, jerk and sweat before they leaving the stage.

In the encore Juggers played Nine Lives a another new song called Freedom.

I won't lie that, as a fan, I'd love to listen some EP songs or, at least, Twenty Thousand Leagues but, who knows, in a next time.

As if not enough the guys later played some crazy tunes such as Diana Ross' I Feel Love, Rick James' Superfreak, remixes from their latest singles and other hot stuff. Awesome.

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  • danzero

    Really wish I had been there. ):

    Apr 28 2010, 19:18
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