• Alice In Chains (2) at Manchester Academy

    Nov 15 2009, 17:32

    Sat 14 Nov – Alice in Chains, Little Fish

    Well, I never got to see Alice In Chains with Layne, which always made me sad. I always remember Jerry saying that it would never be AIC without Layne, so I've been in two minds ever since I heard about the reunion. Mates, who I respect have told me how great London gigs and Sonisphere were, but yet still I wasn't wholly in on the whole idea. Yesterday afternoon I finally got round to listening to the new album on spotify. Pretty good - sounded like AIC should sound, but didn't blow me away. New guy sounded deliberately placed low down in the mix. Friday I listened to the whole of Music Bank, and reminded myself how much I blooming LOVE Alice In Chains. Could they live up to any sort of hope that they'd achieve greatness in my mind on stage? It's a hard job.

    So, the gig then. Caught the end of the two-piece support, and thought good enough - kinda american power-rock-esque - not really my cup of tea. Further, the between band music was a bit cheesey... the stuff that grunge-like bands were supposed to have blown away. I don't want to hear Def Lepord!

    So, some relief that AIC take to the stage late - with the crowd getting restless. They opened solidly enough, but their was something in my head missing. I don't know what. It could just be that with the age of the crowd I was completely surrounded by couples. It could be that despite the refit, Academy will never be as good as the Apollo for the view. So when the band started faffing I went for a loo break, grabbed a beer, and then couldn't find my mates again.... so the advantage of it being an older crowd, there was no rush to get to the front, so I pretty much walked to the front. Excellent view. Much improved. Everyone loving it and an ideal atmosphere, as the band went through a MTV-Unplugged like mode for a few great tunes. Now I was in the right mood, and so it seemed did everyone else. New guy seemed to be much more than holding his own, and was adding an lively feel. Awesome. Would? and Rooster in the encore, after a brief chat to a lovely lass with pink dreads & bumping into a mate in the middle of the crowd, all added to the experience. New guy leaving the stage saying 'This is just the start' and it made me feel that I could agree now, and I could watch them again, and this time without the scepticalness! Suppose I might just go and learn new guys name now :)

    Great gig.
  • Welcome to the new members of Radio Republic on last.fm

    Set 20 2008, 12:27

    It looks like we've got enough members now for our first chart.

    Having just looked into it, the first one will happen towards the end of next week.

    In the meantime lets see how many more people we can get on here, and help the charts be representative of everyones taste.

    I've just been listening to the group's station and it's quite an eclectic mix.
    If you've not tried that yet, I think it's one of the best ways to use last.fm
    The address is:
    and just hit the 'Play the groups radio' button over on the right hand side.

    Anyways keep checking the facebook group for the main updates...

  • Capricons & Minotaurs

    Giu 9 2007, 12:18

    Mon 4 Jun – Lair of The Minotaur

    Archer were first on and were a quite harsh band, possibly with similar roots to Narcosis. Set the tone well and I particulary loved the slight comedic voice of the vocalist between songs.

    Next up. Lair of The Minotaur. Having only heard one track properly I didn't really know what to expect. But they impressed me. The guitarist reminded me in places of Dimebag (So much so when I got home I had to dig out Panetera's album). Overal they were much harsher than Pantera, but I enjoyed their volumuous noise!

    Capricorns. Well I think this is who most people are here to see. I'm starting to feel deaf, but they impress. Bassist playing an electric bass nearly as an upright they blast through most of their album, and you can't but help be impressed if you've been listening to their album as much as I have. There's only a little audience interaction from the band, but tbh the music speaks for itself!

    Another great future noise gig back at Star n Garter then!

    [Side note: How odd I write a review for the first time in ages just as my zine's domain name is gone forever :( but probably a relief ]
  • Bands of the week...

    Gen 19 2007, 12:42

    Well I've been a speiling crap again.

    I'm not sure what's happening at rock666 dot com at the moment. Kinda in limbo awaiting some other people that give a damn.. are you one ?

    Anyways there's a couple of bands of the week posts over my myspazz blog.

    Let me know if you hate myspazz soooo much that I should repost it here. It's effort. But then I do know how much effort loading Murdoch's beast is too!

  • Manchester Rocks ... Discuss

    Ott 18 2006, 11:11


    Days For Airstrikes
    Shadow Cops
    Stray Light
    Palo Alto

    All Manchester bands!!! All amazing.
    And there's a huge amount more.


    Does your locality rawk more ??? TELL ME.
  • Amplifier

    Ott 17 2006, 23:37

    Saw Amplifier on Friday - thanks for the FREEBIE alert Profane-Daryll

    I can't remember the last time I saw a band so happy to be there.
    First gig in awhile aparently.
    First time I've seem altogether.
    Were very good.
    Managed to transform my uber-bad-mood (seriously I was determined no fucker was cheering me up) into a smiley happyness.

    A really cool head-swirly sound with floaty-bass.
    An infectious sound.
    (More infectious than freshers-flu ???)
    Not a million miles from Oceansize, but still their own distinct sound.

    Anyways they made a few mistakes n all that, but it wasn't really obvious and didn't feel wrong....I only knew caus they pointed it out.

    Fraid I didn't stick around for the band after, and was too late for the band before... was a mates birthday that I felt like taking time out from.

    (BONUS SPOOKERY: The guitarist looks a spitting image of my mate Paul I've known since I was a wee kid!!)
  • Battles - top 'new' band

    Lug 23 2006, 21:44

    Well I saw a band called Battles on Friday night as part of the Manchester futursonic festy.

    All I can say is FANTASTIC.

    At the time I was thinking ooo like Primus on speed, with some Mars Volta, and quite a few beeps.

    I was stunned how they managed to play geetar and keyboard at the same time. (And the taking it in turns to play a note on the keyboard in 'stereo' was a cool effect). Anyways the best established band I've never heard of for sure.

    The rest of the bill was quite varied and interesting too....more about that when I'm less hungover.

    So I'm listening now and I'm thinking...what's the connection between Battles and Turing Machine. There has to be some artistic connection...the bass line just feels like it has to be part of Turing Machine...maybe a common ancestory someplace ?