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GlisInsomniac 30 Giu 2013
JakalopeTell Me Why 30 Giu 2013
FrightdollEndings 30 Giu 2013
AyriaSapphire 29 Giu 2013
PzychobitchStrom aus Fantasie 29 Giu 2013
Psy'AviahOK 29 Giu 2013
I:ScintillaSalt of Stones 29 Giu 2013
ChiasmCold 29 Giu 2013
Angelspit100% 29 Giu 2013
Epsilon MinusPower Down (Massiv In Mensch Mix) 29 Giu 2013
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  • LordAsquath

    Hello! On behalf of the under 100 listeners group, I thought you would like to know that we have just released PROMOTER JOURNAL SIX and PROMOTER JOURNAL SEVEN for recently added artists to our LISTED thread. Thank you for taking your time to be active in our group! TheArtistBox, co leader of U100L

    Ieri 16:03 Rispondi
  • TheArtistBox

    Hello, I am TAB co leader of the Under 100 listeners group of which you are a member. I am creating a list of active members who would like to be notified when a major update has been made for the group, to be shared new music with and to give more exposure to our current LISTED artists on the tag. Please find the thread and more details here.

    6 Gen 12:16 Rispondi
  • RoseEtNoire

    Hello !! ! Merci ! http://www.youtube.com/TheOtherColors / :)

    22 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • silverlage

    BTW, I have been trying to remember a Christian artist from back in the early 90's. It was a guy that was a poet that put his poetry to music. I think the album was called 'Lights and Shadows' or maybe that was the name of the song. Any ideas? It was on Blonde Vinyl Records.

    3 Mar 2012 Rispondi
  • silverlage

    I love finding your comments on oldschool greats like Toxic Church

    3 Mar 2012 Rispondi
  • willingspirit

    Thanks for the friend invite. I noticed you added Mind Garage to your library. Hopefully their tunes can be heard.

    11 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • TGlyptic

    Good tunes you got there.

    20 Lug 2011 Rispondi
  • silverlage

    I have been trying to figure out a way to get last.fm to put music up on their site from Blonde Vinyl artists and R.E.X. music artists. If you have any good suggestions let me know. I would love to incorporate music from those labels into some of my tags. If you feel like it please consider adding me to your Christian Underground group as an artist. My artist name is the same as my username. SilverlagE. Nice group. Cheers!

    13 Lug 2011 Rispondi
  • ermelm

    Hello new friend, thanks for accepting my request. I like your musical taste. Greets from Panama!

    12 Giu 2011 Rispondi
  • willingspirit

    Hi! Yes it was the Flaming Fish site I was referring to. It's been maybe 2 or 3 years since I've last posted anything on there. Last Fm has given me some new discoveries, and it can be fun, but it would be nice if they would have more of the kind of Christian music I'm looking for. A lot of the Christian groups, such as Aleixa or Scatered Few have radio stations, yet no actual songs available to here. Than there are others, where you only here songs from one album, or secular groups with the same name (some of which are really good, some terrible). There is a secular Iona and Scattered Few (different spelling) which have some very cool stuff, though I knew about the secular SF from before. Try playing Altar Boys from the radio here, and you might here a terrible sounding dance band with the same name. Anyway, hope you have a great week!

    6 Feb 2011 Rispondi
  • willingspirit

    Good to see you here. I found your channel from the Larry Norman track "I Am the 6 O' Clock News". I've talked to you before, on a certain electronic music forum. If you remember a guy known as "buzzcut", that's me.

    4 Feb 2011 Rispondi
  • GabrielaEngel

    thank you for joining us!!!¨

    2 Mag 2010 Rispondi
  • Isolated_I

    could you please vote up for the Christian Goth band Leper? http://www.last.fm/music/Leper/+images/34877793

    21 Dic 2009 Rispondi
  • wimme

    Welcome to Christians at Last.FM!

    5 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • Cerixus

    Welcome to the site man, it's the rolls!

    20 Set 2008 Rispondi
  • Doomsayer2001

    Howdy there fella!

    17 Set 2008 Rispondi

    Welcome aboard, rivotrich7! Happy listening.

    31 Ago 2008 Rispondi


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