Set List 10/10/07


Ott 11 2007, 6:39

So tonight I actually went into the show with a list of requests and songs that I actually wanted to play. Cool. Also, only one CD skipped! Kinda excited about that. Also kinda excited that I got a listener from another continent! Also pimped the Mediaeval Baebes and Assemblage 23 shows.

As always, * denotes a request. Now, + denotes a dedication, dedicatees in {brackets}.

Cenotype - Save Me
*Velvet Acid Christ - Let's Kill All These Motherfuckers
+Caustic - Booze Up and Riot {Katie, who turned 21 today!}
P.A.L. - Gelöbnis (Terrorfakt remix)
*Laibach - Achtung!
*Seabound - Poisonous Friend (Remix)
XP8 - Purity
Hypofixx - Belong (featuring Yveline)
*Skinny Puppy - Testure
Culture Kultur - Wonder
Silica Gel - Nada es Eterno
*I:Scintilla - Havestar (Combichrist Mix)
Interface - Age Of Computers (Data Corruption Mix By Imperative Reaction)
Endanger - Give Me a Reason
+Envy is Blind - Pure Imagination {Shaina's roommate, who was scared by the music I was playing}
Caustic - The Reason I Broke Up With You Is A Million Reasons You Psychotic Wang
Feindflug - Vollstreckung
Grendel - Harsh Generation
*/+Juno Reactor - Samurai {Brian, who wasn't even listening!}
Assemblage 23 - Ghosts
*Skinny Puppy - Inquisition
Agonoize - Open The Gate (Interbreeding III Mix)
Reaper - Twisted Trophy Hunter
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid & Flowers Mix)
Unheilig - Willenlos (Schwarze Witwe remix)
Stromkern - Sentinel (feat. Frank Spinath)
Derma-Tek - Rise From The Ashes (Painbastard Remix)
Flesh Field - Voice of Dissent
Noisex - Jaegerdance
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