Concert Review: Björk (2007-07-08 - Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam)


Lug 9 2007, 11:00

Sun 8 Jul – Björk, Jamie Lidell, DJ Wiekes

Who: Björk
Support act(s): DJ Wiekes, Jamie Lidell
When: 2007-07-08
Where: Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I love Björk since I listened way too many times to I’ve Seen It All and then saw Dancer in the Dark. I hesitated a bit to go, but I really don’t regret it now I did!

I arrived somewhere in the set of DJ Wiekes, but did manage to catch him playing Radiohead, so YAY! Any DJ who plays Radiohead is a good one in my book.

Then, Jamie Lidell. I think he’s a typical artist you either love or hate. I loved him. The whole crazy improve thing with the electronics were just fantastic! I’m now really curious how he sounds on CD, so I’ll have to hunt him down somehow.

Then Björk:

Earth Intruders
Cover Me
Pagan Poetry
All Is Full of Love
Pleasure Is All Mine
Army of Me
I Miss You
5 Years

Introduction band
Declare Independence

- Björk was wearing that gorgeous pink/white dress, she also wore during Later… with Jools Holland!
- She’s the cutest little thing! I loved her dancing and jumping and her ‘Thank you’s.
- Such a great voice. Really, her voice is amazing!
- The setlist was really a great mix of everything, really. I was surprised that a song from Medúlla sneaked in as well. Great version, btw.
- The green laser kinda fell flat at the start, because it was way too light outside. In the end of the concert they were pretty darn awesome, though!
- The Icelandic Brass Band was so much fun to watch! They were great players, but also very enthusiastic and fun.
- The electronics were great. Loved the small screens on the floor as well: I had been looking forward to those ever since I saw how it was done on Glastonbury.
- Army of Me was the first real highlight for me! I really liked what happened before, but Army of Me was made of greatness. Just perfect!
- The final three songs of the main-set were just one huge eargasm. She did Wanderlust! YES! My favourite of Volta!
- The introduction of the band was very good. “Now it’s time for me to turn professional by introducing my band”
- Oceanic! Really didn’t expect that one!
- Declare Independence is a great song to end it off with. I think it got everybody moving, at least the people around me!

For me, it had everything I expected of a Björk concert. It may have been a bit short (but this could easily just have been time going faster), but I still think it was made of greatness. Brilliant concert!


  • Petur

    it was indeed a bit short, around 75 minuts *only*... I could have managed a few hours ;)

    Lug 9 2007, 12:12
  • jimofferman

    Nice review - glad I was there too :)

    Lug 9 2007, 13:07
  • Wurzelchen

    It was exactly 79 minutes (not including the break). ;-)

    Lug 9 2007, 15:29
  • JustAgirl79

    I'm so glad I went!!! Great review!

    Lug 9 2007, 18:06
  • Pitze

    The version of hyperballad was awesome I went crazy.....

    Lug 10 2007, 9:39
  • ikju66

    Woow, wat ben ik jaloers! :o Ik wilde ook supergraag, maar moest werken. =(

    Lug 10 2007, 20:10
  • Phaniebangs

    What a gr8 setlist. Almost all my Bjork faves are in there. Well a few are missing...

    Ott 15 2007, 7:44
  • cricketlove00

    Pagan Poetry is a musical gem. I wish I could have seen her play it.

    Ott 15 2007, 16:35
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