No One To Depend On - Santana


Feb 14 2007, 6:10

No One to Depend On is a wonderful slow, bluesy jam with wonderful multi-tracked guitar work by Carlos Santana. What really works in this track's favor is the deep, powerful bass guitar. Pay special attention to the section from 1:42 to 1:51 where Carlos plays a mournful guitar riff paired with the ultra-heavy bass. It's such a brief moment, and I wish they had grooved on that for a much longer period of time.

Another special part of the song is the groove section after the first "verse," not long after the section I mentioned above. Listen to the interplay between the guitar and bass, combined with the hand clapping. This section has a give-and-take feel, contrasting with the unison of the cool part at 1:42.

The lyrics don't go far beyond "I ain't got nobody that I can depend on," but who cares? This Santana jam is all about the music.


  • rochester92

    That is a great jam. I also enjoy Lotus, the live album recorded in Japan in 1974(?).

    Feb 14 2007, 16:36
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