The Missing Link Festival, Oakland, CA


Mag 10 2010, 23:46

Sat 8 May – "The Missing Link" Festival
Although I was psyched about the last four bands on this bill I made it a point to go to this show because I've never seen Mastodon live and I felt I really needed to now because I've got a bad feeling they could be breaking up soon because of Brent Hinds' bullshit. Well, this show didn't do anything to put those fears to rest. I literally didn't believe what I was seeing. I didn't really get what was going on onstage.

Here's a rundown of what People On the Internet are saying about Mastodon's set:

-The sound was messed up, possibly due to the sound guys not having enough time to set everything up right.
-Brent was pissed off at the sound being messed up.
-In the middle of one of their songs Brent said "I love heavy metal... Just kidding." (I couldn't hear what he was saying)
-Brent was wasted.

After playing the Crack the Skye songs the band played the first two songs of the encore and then left the stage. And at some point late in the show Brent picked up Troy's mic stand and threw it on the ground. I thought he was half-joking when he did that, but I guess he was having a bit of a meltdown. Actually, I thought Brent was joking any time I saw him do something weird. I've heard of his tantrums, but I didn't think I'd be witness to one at my first Mastodon show or that he would do this at such a big concert.

After the first two songs of the encore the band left the stage. Then Brann, Troy, and Bill came back out and did Blood and Thunder as a three-piece and Brent actually joined in about halfway through, but he was playing off on the side of the stage. Props to Brann, Troy, and Bill for being pros (and I thought Blood and Thunder still kicked ass). I think the band should probably take a break and recharge their batteries. I don't want to see them break up or bring in the therapist from the Metallica documentary.

Anyway, I liked the show even though I got there two hours late and missed the first three bands (I was kind of bummed I missed Bison B.C. though, because they're the only band of the three I missed that I've heard and I liked what I heard) . I knew nothing about Priestess beforehand and I thought they were great. I was really looking forward to Baroness and I think they kind of blew people away. After their set, somebody turned to me and excitedly asked "What band was that?" High on Fire's sound was so muddy, but I still enjoyed their set (I probably have pretty low standards for concerts :) ). Before I saw that they were playing this show, I always assumed that Between the Buried and Me were some terrible emo/screamo or Christian death metal band or something. A couple of months ago, their new album was on sale on Amazon for three bucks so I got it and thought it was great. I thought their set was awesome and I want to hear a lot more of their stuff. And despite the problems in their set, I liked Mastodon a lot and am glad I finally got to see them.

I took a few crappy pictures and put them up on Flickr and linked them to Lastfm. After this concert I decided I should probably learn how to actually use my camera so hopefully the photos from my next concert will look better.

Yeah, I don't really know how to end this review.


Edit: Even MetalSucks covered this:


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