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Mar 11 2006, 19:22

Okay, so in continuation of the previous batch of 5.99 cd's I bought 5 more from BMG.

They go as follows:

The End Is Now
Wherever You Are
Chronicle, Volume 1

Bond and CCR were just CD's I'm buying to escape the illegalities of music downloading :). I was very impressed with LA Symphony's album Disappear Here, so I decided to buy another of their albums. Third Day's Wherever You Are, is rumored to be awesome, and I own both Wire and Offerings II: All I Have to Give, which are awesome. I picked up Kirk Franklin's new album just to see how it is and I have really enjoyed listening to The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin as well as The Nu Nation Project. All in all, I think this is a solid buy, and all for under 30 dollars!


  • tobymacfan

    Wherever You Are is a awesome album from Third Day. Hero is a pretty good album from Kirk Franklin. The End Is Now has some pretty good songs on it from what I heard but I still love LA Symphony.

    Mar 14 2006, 21:08
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