• masonna vs bananamara review

    Giu 14 2010, 9:56

    side A:

    1. Soqlueit
    this is techno, really, just with screeching instead of synths

    2. Dejkt Boaamk
    at the end of this it becomes clear that he's just angry at a washing machine.

    3. Kekoold
    beginning of this tracks sounds like screeching on the blackboard, which probably symbolises his dissatisfation with modern education system.

    4. Jom Vzu
    what the fuck is that, dada hip-hop? BOY IT SURE IS AVANTGARDE

    5. Bquqe
    a song about bukkake, obviously.

    6. Dk Sv We
    judging by vocals, he recorded it when he was in shower. clean maso is good maso!

    7. Sqreedic
    a short record of Masonna having passive sex with milling machine.

    8. Pacpldao
    here, masonna argues with powerlines. can't tell who is righ for sure

    9. Zbiv
    probably written under influence of snowboarding — kinda "avalanche-ey".

    10. Yahefb Uo
    near the end of this track, powerlines return. he doesn't sound happy hearing them again.

    11. Mannoropd
    he caught a hiccup! poor guy

    12. Astomquq
    a field recording of masonna playing a video game. nothing interesting.

    13. Nwse A Bok
    tape jam. I'm not sure who's running out imagination here: me or him?

    14. Xois Jarbk
    breakfast cooking gone awry.

    side B:

    15. Noskl In Ana
    man I love those riffs. best on teh albmub, imo. I think this one is actually important somehow because he has a compilation called Noskl In Ana.

    16. Baimn Lanx
    trying to pull off mertzbau, dontcha, yamazaki? not enough layers.

    17. Qulqulaap
    vocals are most distinguishable here. this is getting tiresome

    18. Derolinji-M
    as the name suggests, Masonna conflicts with washing machine again. WHAT DID IT EVER DO TO YOU, YAMAZAKI??? D:

    19. Bboldaz Ans
    this one is the closest to being white noise. naturally, the whole song is just that — white noise-y drone.

    20. Sakoooin
    more of the same *yawn*

    21. D.Qc
    now this is static. he also AAAAAHHHHs like Axel Stone twice in this track.

    22. Bowzyo
    now that you've learned how to make 99% pure white noise, you're going to use in every remaining track? I though you were more inventive.

    23. Bkrk Ak
    this is almost music!

    24. __________
    back to the shower, masonna? good for you. track is shit though

    25. Sawwntl
    a tearjerking ballad about a saw. it even ends on a sad note! I always knew you were a kind, feeling person, yamazaki. still shit though

    26. Yayyzu
    hiccups again. I can't write a good review on such a repetitive album! jeez!

    27. Comyo Qusw
    breathing exersises in the shower. again.

    28. Lako
    shut the fuck up already, masonna. you made my review bad.

    29. 57 120 72-01
    masonna stuck in a traffic jam! this is hilarious.
    or maybe he's just trying to kill himself on a highway. we will never know.

    ps. tell autechre their song names suck.