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Giu 19 2006, 13:37

I'd done 2 mixtapes for the Painfully Alone. This is a sort of companion piece or simply for late night listening when you're having problems falling asleep. While those were about lyrics and sentiments, thhis one is all about soundscapes and textures

1.One Evening (Gonzales Solo Piano)Feist
Taken off Feist’s remix album Open Season, the piano alone starts the night off. Silky and contemplative.

2.I Found a ReasonCat Power
Cat Power’s cover of Velvet Underground’s classic stripped bare and stares straight into your soul.

3.Judah and the MacabeesDamon and Naomi with Ghost
I never had that much faith in Damon and Naomi after Galaxie 500 broke up. They never seemed the same without Dean Wareham at the helm. But this gorgeous number the did with Ghost is haunting (excuse the pun). My favourite track by them.

4.Stargazer – The Zephyrs
One of those slow-burners that takes its time to build up and float across your room.

5.Altantic City (Gonna Make a Million Tonight)East River Pipe
FM Cornog is one of the most underrated songwriters around. He’s been doing this for a long time now, and it was great to see Lambchop giving him some kudos when they covered his tracks on What Another Man Spills. Gasoline Age is one of my favourite ERP albums. I’ve never been down a great big highway at 3am in the morning across America, but if I did, this would be on the soundtrack to that journey.

6.If You Ever Need A Stranger (To Sing At Your Wedding)Jens Lekman
A fascinating sentiment from Mr Lekman. If I could have gotten hold of him, I would have taken him up on his offer for my wedding.

7.The Night Is YoungThe Bathers
Operatic, cinematic, painfully, painfully melancholic. If you haven’t heard them yet, you need to.

8.Wild HorsesThe Sundays
Harriet Wheeler’s vocals and David Gavurin’s guitars aren’t quite Keith and Mick, but shimmering and glowing like fireflies in a field, they illuminate the cover of night with the faintest but most brilliant of glows.

9.I Put a Spell on YouNina Simone
The high priestess of twilight voodoo. I love how her vocals wrap around the song, and there’s almost a sense of desperation as she puts the hex on you. Slightly sinister, romantic, you can almost smell the smoke and sweat of her singing this in a smoky bar after hours.

10. Do You Believe In RaptureSonic Youth
A gorgeous track off their latest Rather Ripped album. Thurston Moore intones about the coming of the Rapture. Heed the man.

11.Fairest of the seasonNico
Nico’s songs are always perfect for listening in the death of the night.

12. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, IllinoisSufjan Stevens
If you’ve stayed up late enough and stared hard enough at the night sky, you’ll probably be seeing what Sufjan sees no matter where you live.

13. Little Girl BlueChet Baker
Chet’s got the kind of forlorn voice that conjures up images of a fragile soul. I guess its easy for him with the kind of life he had.

14.Sea Of SoundThe Pale Saints
Like gentle waves slowly crashing onto the shore. Imagine sitting there at 3am, on the beach letting the waves build on and on and on…

15. Protection (The Eno Mix)Massive Attack
Massive Attack with Tracey Thornstripped down to bare basics by Brian Eno on this remix. Just Thorn’s vocals and atmospherics, brooding and brewing.

16. Virgin BeautyOrnette Coleman
I’d just like to say first of all that I am not a big Ornette Coleman fan. I only know snatches of his work. But when I came across this track of his a few years back, it kinda grabbed me. Its somehow melodic, yet it ain’t. I thought I needed to inject a little dissonance into the mix, yet not stray too far.

17. No OneTrespassers William
Off their latest album, Having, this floats. Bringing a sense of calm back into the mix.

18. ElleBlueboy
A simple short and wistful classical guitar piece.

19.A Single WishThis Mortal Coil
By the time this songs hits, it should be daybreak. Lovely as the sun slowly peaks out from beyond the horizon.

20.In a LandscapeJohn Cage
Again, I’m no John Cage aficionado, but I heard this off David Toop’s Ocean of Sound compilation years back and it’s a marvelous way to come way down and try to get yourself into dreamland. Fading piano lines moving geometrically, dynamically, spiraling, winding taking you down unknown lanes. I'd just checked the link for this track preview on Last.fm, and its an electronica version by William Orbit. I'd just like to say that Cage's original version is nothing like the version on preview.

Ok...I think I should try to do a Summer Soundtrack sometime soon. In the meantime, let know what you think of this new mix.
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  • pingpong_fiasco

    is that chilly gonzales on piano in the fiest track? he's fantastic, really.

    Giu 19 2006, 15:21
  • pingpong_fiasco

    hey, i reviewed the trespassers william cd too. - sorry for the double posting ...

    Giu 19 2006, 15:22
  • redrimbaud

    Yeah, I think its the same Chilly Gonzales. Its a lovely track taken from her remix album, Open Season.

    Giu 19 2006, 15:26
  • Ruuh_Allah

    *wonders why he hasn't really listened to Damon & Naomi* Anyway, thanks for your mix. There are some artists I've never heard and will take a look at now. And Nico truly is perfect for such hours.

    Giu 19 2006, 16:01
  • cloudtrapeze

    Sounds like a very atmospheric and well paced mix... I've heard less than half the tracks but I like/love all the ones I do know. There are two streamable versions of the John Cage piece that both seem to be solo piano from the preview: In A Landscape In a Landscape(1948)

    Giu 19 2006, 18:57
  • redrimbaud

    Ruuh_Allah-->I'll recommend that you try to listen to the album they did with Ghost. cloudtrapeze --> thanks for the links to the John Cage song. And thanks for featuring a fellow Singaporean there! Magaret Leng Tan's a Singaporean pianist living and performing in America now. I guess she's what you'd call Avant Garde. I hope you get a chance to hear the other half of the mix that you hadn't before. pattismithowns--> thanks for the compliment. Actually, aside from that track, I don't get much of Sonic Youth most of the time. But this one grabbed me from the first time I heard it. I'm pretty simple when it comes to tunes, and pedestrian perhaps, because I desperately need hooks to grab me. This had the perfect guitar lines that reeled me in. You should really check out the John Cage song, I think you'll like it if you haven't already heard it.

    Giu 20 2006, 2:32
  • hickorywind

    Some very nice selections. I love the Cat Power cover (thanks to pattismithowns for turning me on to her), and the songs by The Zephyrs, Pale Saints, Damon & Naomi, and Nina Simone are all favorites of mine.

    Giu 20 2006, 5:05
  • cloudtrapeze

    Well there you go, I didn't even realise Margaret Leng Tan was Singaporean. I just searched the title 'In a Landscape' - classical music can end up tagged in all sorts of weird ways on here!

    Giu 20 2006, 16:29
  • Mr_Fran

    Lovely use of the Eno Protection remix. Good apt selections, nice order. Sound mixtaping there! It's gotta have some Tindersticks though for that true lonesome night feel...

    Giu 20 2006, 17:26
  • redrimbaud

    I don't actually think many people would really know about Margaret Leng Tan. I'm just surprised she's represented here on Last.fm. hickorywind --> great that you enjoyed it. The stuff that The Zephyrs have done's really great late night listening. Mr_Fran --> I'm glad you enjoyed the mix. Good call on the Tindersticks. I'll try to find a spot for them in the future.

    Giu 20 2006, 20:16
  • redrimbaud

    To all who think they will enjoy the mix and wanna hear it, pm me and I'll try to send you the mix. Cheers!

    Giu 22 2006, 7:41
  • reoffender

    Cat Power's version of I found a reason is sublime. Could listen to it forever

    Ago 23 2006, 10:47
  • farangstar

    an awesome mix.

    Lug 28 2007, 10:48
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