Shared Top Tracks


Set 30 2011, 19:04

Shared Loved Tracks*

Apparat's Useless Information (chill idm) ~ Clawed6, mondscheingasse & kraenk
Arovane's Amine (idm ambient) ~ beablossom, artofnothing & Atmospheric7T7
Beach House's Norway (dream pop) ~ ewanjames & lukasyaro
Boards of Canada's Turquoise Hexagon Sun (ambient) ~ LaceratingLance, ianmullen, idmbreak, kellplanet, thomhp & omega_switch22b
Digitonal's Snowflake Vectors (idm ambient) ~ Kraenk & kristyanne
Global Communication's 14:31 (space ambient) ~ omega_switch22b & pubertron
Hammock's The House Where We Grew Up (atmospheric post-rock) ~ ianmullen & Postdawn
Little Dragon's Twice (trip-hop) ~ ALEXL1980 & Fatcaesar
Marsen Jules' Couer Saignant (ambient) ~ ALEXL1980, kellplanet & ianmullen
Massive Attack's Teardrop (trip-hop) ~ meloprint, Arrcardo, Bombazook & kellplanet
Nosaj Thing's Aquarium (chillout) ~ kristyanne & edska
Portishead's The Rip (trip-hop) ~ Arrcardo, dogstarmusic, ewanjames & Syme
Radiohead's Like Spinning Plates (alternative) ~ Syme, Arrcardo, der666 & Felikspopelix
Stars of the Lid's The Evil That Never Arrived (drone ambient) ~ le_berger & ewanjames
Subheim's Ybe 76 (piano ambient) ~ idmbreak & Clawed6
Telefon Tel Aviv's Fahrenheit Fair Enough (chillout idm) ~ liftmuziek, TheShadowstorm & ianmullen
The Radio Dept.'s Keen on Boys (shoegaze) ~ lewalee & shotincubus
The Radio Dept.'s Pulling Our Weight (shoegaze) ~ dreamtoy, lewalee & shotincubus
Xela's Softness of Senses (chillout ambient) ~ ianmullen & JimmyStacks
Zero 7's Destiny (downtempo lounge) ~ kellplanet & lewalee

* of members in the group Dreamy Music for those who have Inner Peacefulness


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