• KraftiM's Website

    Nov 10 2007, 13:01

    Keep track on news and releases on kraftim's space
  • Solyuga ep

    Apr 17 2007, 17:39

    Very versatile ep that gives a little overview from KraftiM's latest efforts.
    Solyuga is a virtual collaboration with japanese artist Krita Yuga who plays a wonderful sitar.
    Bearth tries to express the hard efforts of mother earth struggling with recent narrowminding burdens to give birth to new spiritual possibilities of creating a more peaceful world.
    Hamagito is another virtual collaboration, this time with the uk singer Geechi and japanese violonplayer Kigas, also trying to get out of all day struggle towards open space.
    Moncor represents a little choir of monks trying to get rid of the last dark shadows in the basement to gain a more wider view upstairs.
  • KraftiM link

    Giu 26 2006, 12:58

    Here's another guy who like to AbletonPrevieW