Finally! I'm back from hiatus


Dic 1 2005, 22:48

I am back from a self-imposed journal writing hiatus. During my hiatus I recovered from a infection during which time I experienced hearing loss; decided to pursue the fulfillment of pre-med prerequisites; was asked to submit an essay to a collegiate literary anthology; discovered - among others - the sounds of Feist, Bill Evans, Sun Kil Moon, royksopp, and Trespassers William; and finally began development of a new weblog which will serve as an outlet for a portion of my writing.

In regard to the weblog, I am considering the creation of a series of short stories based on mixed tapes, or playlists as they are known now a days. I will be writing more about that in the near future. In the mean time expect fairly frequent entries here.


  • flaneur

    Sorry to hear about the infection - hopefully your hearing's recovered? Looking forward to the new blog, keep us posted.

    Dic 1 2005, 23:15
  • raydirector

    Thanks flaneur. And yes, my hearing has been recovered. I will definitely keep y'all in the loop regarding the new blog. I also have some other plans up my sleeve related to that same blog.

    Dic 2 2005, 22:20
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