Live Free or Bored Hard: Bored Vol. 4


Mag 14 2012, 21:42

so...i'm bored...again. quell shocker heh. but it's been a while since i've done a shuffle here we go:

Immerse yourself in your iPod, CD player or iTunes for a moment. Put it on shuffle and record the songs that come up.
MY LIFE: the soundtrack

Opening Credits: A Warm Place

Waking Up: La Raza

Average Day: By the Time I Get to Arizona

First Date: Ich will

Falling In Love: The Light Pours Out of Me

Unrequited Love: Skip It

Love Scene: How Do You Like That

Sex Scene: TRON Legacy (End Titles)

Drunk: Venus

Fight Scene (verbal): Wake Up Dead

Fight Scene (physical): Sickness

Hung Over: People Who Died

Breaking Up: Never Get Caught

Getting Back Together: Let's Daba Daba

Secret Love: Lust For Life

Life's Okay: Soul Finger

Grieving: Burn In Hell

Chase Scene: 16 Ghosts II

Revelation: 1977

Mental Breakdown: Fallen Angel

Driving: The Winner Loses

Reunion: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)

Learning a Lesson: In Disguise

Deep Thought: Electric Avenue

Flashback (good): The Sacred And Profane

Flashback (bad): Sixty Days

Flashback (weird): Lie Detector

Flashback (montage): Shithole

Partying: Theme From The Warriors

Happy Dance: Back Off Bitch

Regretting: In Paradisum (Faure's Requiem in D minor)

Long Night Alone: Unclean

Death Scene: Thinking Of You

Closing Credits:All Screwed Up


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